16 Side Hustles to Earn Money Online After Retirement

16 Side Hustles to Earn Money Online After Retirement

You’re done with the 9-to-5 grind and are ready for your golden years. You might even be thinking about volunteering or getting a part time job. What if we told ya that you could make money online as an elderly person?

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Sounds great, right? While anyone can make money online it turns out that not all gigs are suitable for retirees. That’s why today we’ve compiled this list of 16 side hustles you can do online after retirement. Let’s get started!

Freelance writing

Freelance writing is a great side hustle for retirees looking to make extra income. With the right experience and skills, you can earn an average of $60 per hour.

The easiest way to get started in freelance writing is through Upwork and Freelancer. These are freelance marketplaces that allow you to apply for jobs and find them. To get clients, you can also create your own website or blog. These are just a few examples of the freelance writing jobs that are available:

  • Writing articles for websites or blogs
  • Proofreading documents and editing text (e.g., resumes)
  • Editing photos, videos, audio files Your success rate will depend on how much time and effort you put into each project from start to finish!


Translation can be a great side hustle, especially if your language skills are bilingual or multilingual. Translate from any language to English and vice versa.

There’s a few ways you can find translation work online:

  • Google “freelance translators” and browse through the results to see if there are any jobs that match your skillset.
  • Search for “Translation Jobs Your City” on Indeed or Monster (or the job boards of your choice).
  • Look at freelance websites like Upwork or Fiverr; these sites often have specific categories for translation jobs.

Online tutoring

Online tutoring has become a popular way to make money online after retiring. It’s simple: You teach a subject at your own pace and in your own space. Then you get paid!

The best thing about being an online tutor? There are no restrictions on where and when you can work. This doesn’t require you to commute. If you live in the middle or have mobility issues, you could find what you are looking for. There are many ways to get around any barriers as long as you have an internet connection and a computer or an iPad.

This side hustle is more flexible than other side hustles because it doesn’t require any overhead (other than buying course materials upfront and paying for background checks). With many online tutors making $20 per hour depending on their skill set and experience level,. This is a great rate of pay compared to other freelance jobs.

YouTube videos

YouTube ranks second in search engines worldwide and has seen a tremendous growth over the past decade. YouTube can be used to build your brand and create videos using the platform. You can also promote products or services via those videos and make money.

Even if you don’t make any money from your videos, you still have the option to get free products or services if you give an honest review. Many bloggers will give away products in exchange for honest reviews.

Companies will pay more attention to YouTube channels with a large audience. They know that their product will reach a broad audience through YouTube. This is especially true when a particular video receives a lot of views, clicks, shares, etc. This means that the content was liked enough to go viral.

Online courses

Online classes are a great way for you to make money after retirement. While it can be rewarding to create, promote, and provide an online course, it is not for everyone. Here are the steps to create your own course and get paid for it:

  • Decide on a topic, unique selling proposition and create your course outline. This step can be done by you or a team member.
  • Create a detailed outline of how long each section will be, what will be covered and how much time is needed to complete each section or module.
  • Create content for all sections of your course (or at least most of them). All sections are required before the product can be released into the wild. This gives customers peace of mind that their purchase was worthwhile.
  • Most platforms require at least one lesson per week during production stages so plan accordingly depending upon what type of material needs developing; eBooks tend not require as much time spent researching while video courses might take longer than audio only ones due to editing/production requirements so keep those factors in mind when setting deadlines too!

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a business model that allows you to earn commissions for promoting products or services of other people or companies.

You can get started in affiliate marketing by signing up on one of the most popular networks such as Amazon Associates, Clicksense or ShareASale. These networks have their own payment processors, and you will be paid a commission for every sale you refer.

Affiliate marketing has many advantages:

  • You don’t need any experience or expertise to start this side hustle; all you need is an Internet connection and some basic knowledge about how to use social media platforms (Facebook groups/discussion boards).
  • The learning curve is very low because all you have to do is promote other people’s products online through your website/social media account(s).
  • For example if someone visits your website looking for advice on how to lose weight then instead of giving them advice directly sell them some weight loss product recommended by doctors instead with some affiliate links so that when they buy those products using those links then the owner of those products will send money into your account!

Rental arbitrage

Rental Arbitrage is a way of making money by buying low and then selling high. Rent out items that are in high demand and then sell them later for a profit. Finding the right item at the right place is key.

If you live in an area with many snowboarders, renting out extra gear might be a good option. Renting equipment out to people who are on vacation to ski resorts is a great way to make rental arbitrage. As long as you have enough equipment to satisfy the demand, this would be another great place to rent.

This is also known by the terms “renting your stuff online” and “peer-to peer rentals”, as it involves connecting with people who will pay money for the use of something that belongs to another person. It works like this: First, determine what is most practical based on your location; then list the items on websites such as Craigslist or Airbnb; collect payments from users; finally deliver the goods upon request

Social media management

Social media management is one of the most popular side hustles to earn money online after retirement. There are many platforms available, and you can work for private clients or businesses.

You might be curious about how you make money managing social media accounts. The short answer to your question is that you are paid according to the number of followers an account has. For example, if someone hires you to manage their account and they already have 20,000 followers when they hire you,

They could pay you $2 per follower per months (or more depending upon your negotiation skills). If a business has 100,000 followers, then this would mean a potential income of $200/month for this business alone!

Managing your own social media accounts is easy. If people enjoy following your posts, and interact with them regularly (for instance by posting interesting content), then companies are more likely to advertise through those channels. This will make it more profitable for you when you renew your contracts.

Selling printables

Printables are digital images you can print at your home. Some printables can be purchased as-is. You only need to purchase them once, and you can use them in any way you like. Others have text fields that allow the buyer to personalize the image with their text. Both of these printable files could be sold:

Printables that allow buyers to add their text (for instance, a “birthday cards” design that allows people change the text in the )


Printable file where customization is not allowed but the product still offers value (for example, a coloring sheet featuring your favorite Harry Potter character )

Paid surveys

Paid surveys are a great way to make money online. They are quick and don’t require you to answer any questions other than those about the products or services you use. An online survey will be provided with a list and you’ll need to answer the questions honestly. If your answers match what companies require, you’ll be paid.

Paid surveys can be found on websites like Survey Junkie or MySurvey. These sites also have a presence on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. However, these sites tend not to pay as much as dedicated market research sites.

Paid surveys won’t make it easy for you to become rich overnight, but if you’re willing and able to answer questions from companies around the world about topics that interest you (like food), you can make a lot of money. This side hustle can help you make extra money every month.

Product reviews

Product reviews are a great way of making extra money online. The best thing about product reviews is that you can write them in your spare time and make as little or as much money as you like. It works like this:

  • You sign up on Amazon and apply to become an “Amazon Associate.” Amazon will send a small commission to you every time someone clicks on a link from a product in your review. This is typically between 4% and 8% depending on the item’s value. Your earnings potential will increase if you write better.
  • Go through their catalog of products, pick one out and start writing about it! It doesn’t have to be long or complicated–
  • the most important thing is having a good idea of what makes this particular product stand out from others like it on the market today so others will want it too when they see what all its benefits are listed here first hand from someone who already uses them every day just like everyone else does!

Airbnb hosting

It is easy to become an Airbnb host. You will need to:

  • Sign up for Airbnb and set up your listing, which involves adding photos, describing the space and answering questions about the neighborhood.
  • Get your first guests, which could be family members or friends who have not yet stayed with you. If you feel brave enough to host strangers in a home or spare room, then this step can be taken!
  • Make sure they leave positive feedback after their stay so that other potential guests can view it–and also consider asking them to write down a few positive comments on the website’s review section when they leave; that way future travelers get an idea of what they’ll be getting into before booking a trip here.
  • Maintain your listing by removing clutter from rooms before new guests arrive so that everything looks tidy when pictures are taken during each visit (which helps hosts charge higher rates).

Online coaching

Coaching has become a big industry. It’s not just for athletes. Coaches are professionals with the ability to help others improve their lives. If you have a great deal of experience in helping people, such as when you retire early, you could start an online coaching company that sells monthly subscriptions to your content.

  • What is online coaching? Online coaching is when you offer services via the internet, such as webinars or live chats. This can often require certain knowledge (e.g., financial planning or how to open an online business), but it could also include something completely unrelated (e.g., parenting).
  • How do I get started? How do I get started?
  • For example, if someone wants advice on how much money they should save each month when starting a business venture after retirement age then maybe an investment advisor might make more sense as opposed


Blogging is a great way to make money online, especially if you are passionate about it. Blog about what you are passionate about and have expertise in. If your blog is popular, you may be able to attract sponsorships or even become an associate marketer.

Creating apps or games for mobile or desktop platforms.

You might have heard of apps but not known what they are. Apps are small programs that run on smartphones and tablets. They can be anything, from a game to a calculator or the Uber app.

To create an app for mobile platforms such as Android or iPhone, you must know how to program Swift or Java.

If you prefer to create games for desktop platforms like Windows PC or Mac OS X then C is better than Java or Swift. However, if you have programming experience in one language it’s often quite easy to learn the other.

The best thing about creating apps, is that there isn’t any competition! Even if your app isn’t the best, it will still make money because no one has released anything like it yet!

Side hustles are not just for the young and restless- they can be great ways to earn money online even after retirement.

Side hustles can be a great way for you to make money online after your retirement. These side hustles can help you stay engaged and active, explore new interests, keep connected to the world, learn new skills, and stay connected. You might even find that you enjoy your side-hustle more than your full time job!


I hope this list of side hustles will help you find one that is right for you and could help you earn some extra money online in retirement. Remember that your side hustle may not be the right fit for you from the beginning. It’s important to get to know yourself and what works best for you before you commit to a specific gig.

If freelancing isn’t for you but you think making videos sounds fun, then YouTube videos might be for you! If selling items online is too difficult for you, but blogging sounds appealing, then you might consider blogging. You can make your retirement easier and more enjoyable by exploring all the options available.

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