365 Days Of Financial Freedom: The Stories Of Bitcoin Adoption In El Salvador

365 Days Of Financial Freedom: The Stories Of Bitcoin Adoption In El Salvador thumbnail

This is Renata Rodrigues’ opinion editorial. Renata is the global community and education lead at Paxful.

On June 8, 2021, when El Salvador announced that Bitcoin was to become legal tender in El Salvador, I knew that this was an opportunity to showcase the real value of Bitcoin. What I saw was a community that was open to accepting a fair and inclusive monetary system that could lower wealth barriers and increase financial freedom.

One year later, Bitcoin is helping to create a better financial future for those who believe in Bitcoin’s equal financial access and freedom. We know there is still much to do, but we also know that education is the most important part of any financial future. This will be a key component of everything we do in El Salvador as well as our educational initiatives around the world.

Bitcoinforthe100 is a collection of these stories and use cases that prove that Bitcoin is truly for the 100%. From the small community of Isla Tasajera to a student on the path to self-sovereignty, below are the voices of people who are embracing Bitcoin for greater financial freedom.

— Renata Rodrigues, Global Community and Education Lead, Paxful

Bitcoin For My Community: Don Walter, Isla Tasajera, El Salvador

Don Walter Bitcoin El Salvador

Don first heard about Bitcoin when the Built With Bitcoin Foundation made its way to Isla Tasajera where he lives. Don and other residents knew that the government had given some BTC to citizens, but didn’t know how to use it. He said that they didn’t know much about Bitcoin because of the difficulty of Internet access and lack of knowledge.

With the arrival of the foundation, Don and his neighbors received Bitcoin education, training and an overall improvement of “payment transactions, purchases, and sales.” As for Don himself, he prides himself on “managing to learn everything that Bitcoin can do for the community.”

Don has seen firsthand how Bitcoin can change the lives of his community — through new opportunities. He said that Bitcoin has provided him with great opportunities, particularly the positive impact it had on the San Rafael Tasajera Canton Schools Center. Because the school is located on an island, it was difficult for students and teachers to get there and back. Because of a generous donation, they don’t need to worry about how they’ll get to school anymore — the Built With Bitcoin Foundation and Bitcoin Magazine donated a boat to the community to make school more accessible.

Don has been inspired by his new knowledge about Bitcoin to learn more about how it can be used in his daily life to improve himself and the community. He is optimistic that Bitcoin will continue to improve not only his community but also the entire world. He said that Bitcoin will make life easier and more accessible for all.

Learn more about Don’s story here.

Bitcoin For Inclusion: Nathaly Maria Cortez, San Salvador, El Salvador

Nathaly Rodriguez Paxful image

While studying international economics at Universidad Francisco Gavidia (UFG), Nathaly decided to take a leap of faith and signed up for the first campus tour that Paxful held in the country to teach students about Bitcoin and the power of peer-to-peer technology. Nathaly left the seminar feeling hopeful for her community and herself. She said that Bitcoin is a great strategy to grow and develop both the dichotomy between the Salvadorans and the Bitcoins.

A few months after the seminar, Paxful opened “La Casa del Bitcoin” El Salvador — a place where anyone can receive free Bitcoin education. Nathaly knew that she had to be there.

Nathaly was able to see the future of La Casa del Bitcoin on its opening day. She said that Bitcoin is about financial inclusion and that there was a place where they could learn more about it. Everybody can find their place at La Casa del Bitcoin, from the classrooms to working stations.

Nathaly made it her personal mission, to educate others about the power of Bitcoin. “I currently advise family and relatives on the subject of Bitcoin because some people do not have access to banking or the traditional financial system.”

Learn more about Nathaly’s story here.

This is Renata Rodrigues’ guest post. These opinions are not necessarily those of BTC Inc. or .Bitcoin Magazine HTML1.

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