4 Ways to Stand Out In the Most Crowded Markets

4 Ways to Stand Out In the Most Crowded Markets

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A “ saturated market ” is only applicable when all services are the same. Your business will not be lost in a saturated market if you distinguish yourself and embrace your uniqueness .

You become a category-of-one.

In a category of one business, competition falls away and you can get more clients, sell profitable offers and step into your role as a thought leader. It takes a thoughtful approach to build a service-based business. It’s essential to weave your expertise, unique skills and passionate perspective into an expert brand that immediately allows you to stand out and clarifies why someone would choose to work with you over another business owner. Here are four ways to embrace your uniqueness and make your mark in your industry.

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1. Explore your expertise and subspecialize

Take a walk back through your training and experience. What is your expertise? What makes this area of expertise different? Is there a sub-area of expertise that would allow you to stand out as a very specialized service?

Let’s say that your expertise is in anxiety disorders in adult. What would make this layer more specialized than the others? Let’s say you find that you enjoy working with postpartum mothers. This would make your services more specific, which will allow you to create content that is aligned, get referrals, as well as draw in clients who are looking for what it is you offer.

If you don’t know where to begin, make a list of all the places you’ve worked. What was your favorite thing about each client or position? What was the unique thing you brought to these positions? Next, think about your favorite clients. These are clients who have achieved success, clients that you look forward to seeing and clients who make you feel like you’re in your zone of genius.

Simply ask yourself this question: What is your passion in your field? For example, when working as a health psychologist, I was particularly interested in coping with significant injury or illness and how people assessed their risk of illness. I had colleagues in the health psychology field who were interested in pain psychology and how to regulate pain through a mind-body approach. Others were more interested in weight loss and healthy behaviors. Each of us sub-specialized in a different field, which allowed us to stand out among our peers in our field.

When you don’t establish yourself as having a clear area of focus, you often struggle to get referrals, create compelling content, or magnetize aligned opportunities to share your insights. It is easier to get clients and market effectively if you are a specialist in your business. Many service-based business owners can inadvertently get too many clients or lose their recognition because they are too broad.

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2. Clarify your passionate perspective

What are you passionate about? What do you wish other people knew about your field? Your unique perspective can help you bring passion to your business. Clients choose to work with you because they believe you can help them. Your unique perspective is different than any other person in your field. It’s based on your personal experience, training, and client interactions. You’ve probably developed your perspective over many years of experience in your field. Why not share it with potential clients? Potential clients will be faced with the task of sifting through thousands of similar-sounding professionals. It is your responsibility to help them focus on what you can do for them. Once you clarify your unique perspective, you can begin creating focused, targeted and compelling content that draws in precisely who you serve best.

3. Use human design

Human Design is described as the science of differentiation. It’s a system of understanding yourself and how to use your energy to thrive while letting go of resistance. It incorporates elements from astrology, I-Ching and the Kabbalah. The human design chart shows you your strengths, talents and how you can best impact others.

All you need to determine your bodygraph or human design chart is your birth date, birth time, and birth place. First, you need to know about your energy type: Projector, Manifestor or Generator. This describes how you are designed to navigate life and how you want to interact with the outside world. Each energy type has its own aura, which can be used to your advantage in business.

Each energy type has a unique impact on the world. Projectors can guide, lead, master systems and share their insights with others to help them see the world in a new way. Generators are intended to give energy and move things forward and bring them to completion. They also allow you to share your passions and master an area and lift the collective’s energy. Manifestors are intended to inspire, promote innovation, and share visionary ideas with others. Manifesting Generators can respond to multiple issues at once and do many of the things that you love. If your work is fulfilling, you can easily bring inspiration into reality. Reflectors are intended to objectively assess how things are going, live in harmony with nature and the community, and offer objective evaluations of businesses and communities.

Awareness of your energy type can unlock a new and deeper level of uniqueness, which you can infuse throughout your business brand.

4. Take a step outside of yourself

A great way to learn more about your unique gifts involves asking your loved ones their thoughts. You may be surprised at the gifts you don’t recognize or embrace. What do your peers, friends, partners, clients or colleagues see as your unique gifts? It can be difficult to see your genius or gifts. Reach out to a friend to find out how they describe your unique talents and strengths. What language do they use to describe their strengths and unique gifts? Are you able to connect with others? You can learn a lot from others, so it is worth listening to their insights.

Now you are able to combine your unique perspective and expertise into a unique brand. How can you bring this uniqueness to your business?

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