5 Underrated Tips for Brands to Boost Holiday Sales

5 Underrated Tips for Brands to Boost Holiday Sales

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While there may be a long supply-chain shortage ,, there are many holiday tricks that ecommerce brands can use to win this time. Most tips tend to focus on different types and strategies for attracting consumers to your site. To help you reach your goals, I want to share a little bit of advice.

Your most loyal customers will turn to you during the holidays. You should do the same for them, as a merchant. You can remove any friction and offer new opportunities for loyal customers to share their favorite products with family and friends. With everyone in the spirit to give, it is a great time to promote, package, and offer products as gifts. A great way to flip your marketing funnel and build from your most loyal customer base, we’ve seen brands executing this strategy in a few impactful ways.

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1. Promote giftable subscriptions

Arguably the lowest hanging fruit to optimize your holiday shopping products is to offer the option to “gift” their next subscription order. Take Methodical Coffee as an example. A brand might allow customers to skip their next order if they have had too much coffee. Methodical Coffee offers customers the option to gift their next month’s subscription to a friend. This is a great opportunity to educate and introduce this option to your subscribers.

Another game-changing holiday program we are seeing is giftable subscriptions. Scott’s Flowers, for example, offers a maximum billing cycle subscription program to encourage customers to gift three- or six-month subscriptions. After three months of flowers, the recipient may receive an email or SMS notification asking them if they would like a full subscription. Talk about the gift that keeps giving!

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2. Offer extra loyalty points for gifting

Loyalty and rewards programs can be strategically positioned to boost referrals this time of year. Inform your subscribers that they will be rewarded for referring friends to your products. Credits are earned for referring more products. Go further to allow customers to exercise those credits however they wish — setting up the ideal brand experience!

3. Allow customers to customize bundles

71% of consumers expect brands to deliver more personalized interactions. A customizable and interactive bundle experience is a great way to create personalized experiences. Loyal customers who want to share your product with friends might like to choose their favorite flavors or colors. Offering discounted variety packs during the holiday is a great way to gain exposure across your product line.

4. Discounting can be a win-win

Margins don’t always have to suffer from holiday promotions. Instead of discounting your standard subscription program, offer a greater discount on larger quantities shipped less frequently to save on excessive shipping costs. Taking a note out of Slate Milk’s playbook: they ran a promotion to all subscribers who were receiving packs of 24 cans of Slate milk every month with a significant discount if they switched to 48 packs bimonthly. It was a win-win situation for both Slate Milk and the customer.

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5. Get in the spirit of giving

One last note we often see in the ecommerce space year-round that translates nicely during holidays is charitable donations. Companies that donate a percentage to charities tend to have lower churn rates and higher LTV. Consumers care about where their money goes and want to support a greater cause.

While it is important to acquire new customers by offering holiday discounts, it is equally important to reach out to your existing subscribers or membership base. This is a great time to make a lasting impression on your customers and be a part of their lives. We are confident that the tips we have provided will help you achieve your short- and long-term goals.

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Bonus holiday season tip: get creative with one-time add ons

Don’t forget the bow on top, literally. Brands should strongly consider gift wrapping-themed add-ons like gift bags, branded wrapping papers or gift boxes. This is a great way for brands to increase order value, reduce shipping costs, and create brand awareness to a wider audience.

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