5 Ways to Build Courage and Competence for Difficult Conversations

5 Ways to Build Courage and Competence for Difficult Conversations

Some people think I’m brave. I have lived and worked all over the globe and speak regularly in front of hundreds of people so it must be true. Well, no. That’s not the case. What would take courage to jump from a plane? So, I don’t do it. I’m okay with that. There is very little upside to falling through the air.

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The most frightening thing for most people is to speak up when confronted with decisions or actions that they don’t agree with. This is understandable. Many stories about people speaking up often end in the individual facing a negative outcome, such as being expelled from the workplace. Few movies or books are about employees who raise a problem and get rewarded and thanked for it. Yet, that happens more often than you might think. When people speak up effectively, they can find that not only do they survive, but thrive.

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