9 Places in the U.S. With Small Town Charm and Affordable Home Prices

9 Places in the U.S. With Small Town Charm and Affordable Home Prices

It’s still a tough market for homebuyers, especially first-timers. There are still some affordable options if you are looking for small-town charm.

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Moosehead Lake in Greenville, Maine

BestLife spoke to real estate professionals to find the top nine places in the U.S. with small-town charm and affordable housing.

Greenville, Maine is number one. Its lush foliage and natural beauty are barely reflected in its name. Greenville, Maine’s capital, is located in the state’s wilderness and offers outdoor exploration opportunities like hiking, fishing, and golfing. It is also situated on the lower end Moosehead Lake which happens to be one of the largest bodies of water in the state.

The median home price in Greenville is $128,400, with “plenty of homes available for under $100,000,” founder and CEO of Watson Buys Jennifer Spinelli told BestLife.

Second on the list is Albert Lea in Minnesota, which is nicknamed the “land of the lakes” due to the three beautiful lakes surrounding it. The snowy small town also has 43 parks — including the lush Myre Big Island State Park. The town embraces winter with joy and gratitude rather than fearing it. It offers dozens of activities, including a blue ice plunge, and other snow and ice activities.

The average home price in Albert Lea is about $145,000, according to Carter Crowley, co-owner and licensed Realtor at CB Home Solutions, per BestLife. “You can get a three-bedroom house on a lake for just $200,000. Or a four-bedroom duplex with a huge backyard for just $159,000,” she told the outlet.

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1. Greenville, Maine

Average home price: $128,400

Greenville is known for its lush atmosphere and a myriad of outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking and water sports.

2. Albert Lea, Minnesota

Average home price: $145,000

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Albert Lea embraces its snowy winters with the “Big Freeze,” an annual event of festivities to enjoy the winter and come together as a community. It was also the first place in the U.S. to participate in the Blue Zone project, an initiative to research and improve well-being and life expectancy.

3. Potsdam, New York

Average home price: $131,700

Home to Clarkson University and the State University College at Potsdam, the town is rich in cultural and educational facilities — all set to the backdrop of its Victorian and sandstone architecture.

4. Davenport, Iowa

Average home price: $172,000

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Davenport skyline along the Mississippi River

Davenport was named the best Midwestern city for millennial homebuyers “based on cost of living, home prices, homeowners insurance premiums, car insurance premiums, and social equity,” according to personal finance site The Ascent.

5. Elk City, Oklahoma

Average home price: $144,000

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Located between Oklahoma City and Amarillo, Texas, Elk City is known for its western roots and history, home to the National Route 66 Museum. The town is affordable and has large amounts of land. “An example is a three-bedroom home with a separate 2-car garage on 5.5 acres for only $110,000,” Kevin Huang, founder and CEO of Ambient Home told BestLife.

6. Sheridan, Wyoming

Average home price: $142,900

Centered in Wyoming’s Big Horn Mountains, Sheridan offers dozens of outdoor activities — as well as three championship golf courses and four venues for live performances.

7. Statesboro, Georgia

Average home price: $115,100

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Statesboro is home to three universities, 15 public schools, and one charter school — which makes the town ideal for raising a family as well as having a bounty of employment opportunities.

8. Macomb, Illinois

Average home price: $56,750

Macomb has several state parks to enjoy the wilderness, as well as a charming town square with unique shops and restaurants. It’s also home to Spoon River College and the McDonough District Hospital.

9. Sweetwater, Texas

Average home price: $119,450

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Sweetwater is known for its massive wind turbine farm, which adds an economic draw. It is also home to Nolan County Coliseum which hosts rodeos as well as horse shows.

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