A California Man Says a Meteorite Struck His House. ‘I Might Be Buying a Lottery Ticket Today.’

A California Man Says a Meteorite Struck His House. ‘I Might Be Buying a Lottery Ticket Today.’

The chances of being hit by a meteorite are astronomically slim, but try telling that to a California man who claims a hurtling ball of fire destroyed his house. I heard a loud bang. I began to smell smoke. I started to smell smoke when I went to my porch.

YouTube video

The Penn Valley Fire Department responded at around 7: 30 pm last Friday night to reports of a structure fire near Lake Englebright. They took around four hours to put out the fire, but Procita was able to escape alive. Unfortunately, Tug, Procita’s dog, was trapped in the house.

” They claimed it was a meteor. Procita said that although I was a child, I didn’t enjoy watching meteor showers or seeing them land in my yard.

Mutliple videos of meteorite activity

Locals reported seeing a bright ball fall from the sky and land in the same area as Procita’s home. Some sightings were captured on video.

Anyone else just see this crazy flash light up the sky? Captured by my dashcam at El Dorado Hills, CA. pic.twitter.com/4BlzOB5ISD

— Derek Schnell (@DerekKCRA) November 5, 2022

Meteorites are small rock fragments from asteroids that fall to Earth. When meteorites enter the Earth’s atmosphere, they burn up and turn into fireballs or “shooting stars” called meteors.

Yeah, caught it on my dashcam as well. pic.twitter.com/1L3kZH05sG

— Jason Berry (@jberry7777) November 5, 2022

There have been very few instances when meteorites have actually struck a person. In 1954, an Alabama woman named Ann Hodges was napping on her couch when a meteorite tore through her ceiling and hit her side.

Procita said he feels fortunate to be alive.

” They say it’s a 1 in 4 trillion chance. I wonder if I will be buying a lottery ticket. “

The fire department is still investigating and should have the results in a few weeks.

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