A Letter To My Daughter On Father’s Day: I Was Wrong About Bitcoin

A Letter To My Daughter On Father’s Day: I Was Wrong About Bitcoin thumbnail

This is Will Schoellkopf’s opinion editorial. Schoellkopf is the author of “The Bitcoin Dog” as well as a soon-to be father.

I was a UCLA computer science student when I first read about Bitcoin in 2013.. Skeptical about this new internet money, the Mt. was soon announced. The Mt.XXXImplosion would confirm my skepticism and show just how important it was to have your bitcoin in self custody. However, at the time, there were no easy-to-use cold storage hardware wallet options. I gave up and decided that it wasn’t worth the effort to learn more about Bitcoin.

I was wrong.

Although you are yet to be born, I feel your love already. I can already see myself holding you in my arms as I think about the Father’s Day that is coming up. I wrap you in a cute, tiny onesie and a floppy-eared cap, and I rock you side-to side. I then nudge your nose with mine.

“Who’s daddy’s girl?” I whisper in your ears. My eyes well up with pride. My face beams with pride when you manage to reach my nose with your hand! Your tiny fingers are barely strong enough to hold onto me.

Today as I sit in our rocking chairs, the one in the which we will rock back-and-forth, you in mine, I look out the nursery window and consider the world I want to create for you: a world in which cold storage hardware wallet solutions can be found. I think about your goals, your dreams, and your ambitions. I don’t want to give you everything. Not at all. While I want the best for your future, I don’t plan to give it to you on a silver platter.

As your dad, I will raise you as a young woman who strives for her goals. You should have complete control over your destiny. To have the chance to succeed. To be able to chart a path that is so captivating, so exciting, so “I can’tbelieve this is actually happening” that you are willing to give your blood, sweat, and tears to your passions without blinking an ear. However, you don’t have the financial freedom to do this.

While I wish you were born free, your career choices are still limited by inflation. I fear that knowing that your net income is being cut by rising inflation rates will cause you to limit your creativity. This will in turn make it harder for you to express yourself creatively. You may feel the need to overcome inflation by taking on a high-paying job. This could make you feel like a beast of burden, one who must let out a powerful roar to free himself from the prison of inflation.

Bitcoin solves this.

Bitcoin unlocks the door and allows you to peacefully walk out of the cage. You will be able stack sats and your piggy bank won’t stand a chance against inflation. You will be able to live the life you want and save for the future.

My beloved daughter, you are your very own person. You have the option to fly like a butterfly or sting like an bee. Living on a fiat standard (a unit of account controlled by a central banking with a money supply artificially raised as desired) will cause inflation to sting your wings. You can fly for free if you choose to use the Bitcoin standard. With Bitcoin, you can choose the career that suits you best and your lifestyle. You also have the assurance that your savings technology will hold the value of your work over the long-term.

Since I consider you my daughter, I am sure that you will have the same critical thinking skills and abilities as your father. (Though, I’m sure you will follow in the footsteps of your mother in this area; she is the true critical thinker in our family. Innately, I know that you don’t blindly believe me. Instead, you can verify my Bitcoin claims yourself. Even Daddy, despite his computer science training, initially approached Bitcoin as a simple unproven software algorithm and quickly dismissed it. It took another eight years, but I did finally lean in for another look — more than a cursory one, this time — and only then to appreciate Bitcoin for what it really is: a once-in-a-civilization monetary revolution.

I know what you are thinking. “Daddy is so powerful, but why can’t he just alter bitcoin’s supply?”

Dear child, my answer is to follow Bitcoin’s principles. Don’t listen to me. Do your own research. There is so much to learn about Bitcoin! Learn why no more bitcoin will ever be created after you are a little older… 18, not 118! All that is in the world is all that will ever exist. Remember, my daughter, that there is no limit to your potential if you opt in to Bitcoin.

Daddy is proud of his little girl.



This is a guest post by Will Schoellkopf. These opinions are not necessarily those of BTC Inc.

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