‘Ain’t No Mo’ to Close on Broadway Less Than Three Weeks After Opening

‘Ain’t No Mo’ to Close on Broadway Less Than Three Weeks After Opening

Jordan E. Cooper’s history-making production, Ain’t No Mo’, is closing on Broadway just a few weeks after it officially opened on Dec. 1.

Written by Cooper, directed by Stevie-Walker Webb and produced by Lee Daniels, the Dec. 18 closure of the critically acclaimed play follows 22 preview performances and 21 regular performances.

Daniels, in a statement regarding the play’s closing, recalled when he first watched Ain’t No Mo’.

He said, “It shook my core.” “I know from personal experience how the industry and this world don’t always embrace our stories. I pledged to do all I could to bring Jordan’s captivating play, written in his unique voice and perspective, to Broadway.”

Daniels said, “It was my intention to make historical history with this play.” We did it, and I’m proud to be able to say so. Jordan E. Cooper is now Broadway’s youngest Black American playwright with Ain’t No Mo . I couldn’t be prouder of our amazing cast and crew. This isn’t the end .”

The play was short-lived and featured notable actors such as Queen Latifah (Tamron Hall), Gayle King, Monique (Clive Davis), Eric Holder, Matthew Broderick, Deborah Cox, Katie Holmes, and many others.

According to its site, Ain’t No Mo’ “dares to ask the incendiary question, ‘What if the U.S. government offered Black Americans one-way plane tickets to Africa?’ The answer is the high-octane new comedy.” The play moves through “the turbulent skies of being Black in today’s America,” and blends “sketch, satire, avant-garde theater and a dose of drag.”

The news of the play’s closure comes days after another Broadway production, KPOP, announced its closure as well.

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