Barbara Walters’ 10 Biggest Interviews

Barbara Walters’ 10 Biggest Interviews

Barbara WaltersThe late trailblazing journalist,, created ABC’s first television network. 20/20 Find the map and join the co-creation The View. She interviewed stars, presidents, royalty, and Hollywood stars throughout her legendary career that spanned 50-years and 12 Emmys Awards. Her adopted daughter Jacqueline, who died Friday at 93 in New York, is her survivor.

Walters, who was well-known for making guests cry, was a broadcasting fixture. She credited the fact she changed three high schools to learn how to make friends and ask questions.

Walters stated, “I wasn’t in awe because celebrities worked for my dad.” “I was curious. “I was curious.

The glass-ceiling-shattering newswoman made history as the first female co-host of theTodayShow and the first $1,000,000 a year news anchor.

Walters was interviewed by many people over the course of her long career.

Walters explained that the icon often caused her interviewees tears by asking them about their childhoods. “That was before any celebrity would cry after they got out of rehab. Now, I say, “Don’t you dare to cry!”

Check out 10 of her big-ticket interviews including Fidel Castro and Vladimir Putin. Monica Lewinsky, below.

Monica Lewinsky

The New York TimesIn 1999, Walters’ interview with the former White House intern attracted an average of 48.5million viewers. An estimated 70 million people watched the two-hour program in approximately 33.2 million homes.

Lewinsky, an intern who was caught up in a sex scandal nearly destroying Bill Clinton’s marriage, and presidency, answered Walters’ questions about sleeping with married men and how she struggles with weight.

Walters directly asked Lewinsky: “You showed President Obama your thong underwear. Where did you get that nerve? She said, “I mean, who does that?” She also asked the 25 year-old: “Where was self-respect and self-esteem?”

Watch the interview.

Robin Givens and Mike Tyson

Walters stated to ABC News that people asked her about it everywhere she went the next day. She was speaking out after her interview with Robin Givens, her husband, and Mike Tyson, her ex-husband.

Walters also stated that this would be the interview she wanted to have with someone who had never seen her work before.

She was not afraid to ask deeply personal questions, even asking Givens if Tyson had hit her.

Givens’ response: “He shakes. He pushes, and he swings. Sometimes I think he is trying to scare us. There were times when I thought I could handle it. Audiences were astonished to learn that I have become very afraid recently.

Watch the interview.

Christopher Reeve

Walters interviewed Reeve many times after his 1995 horseback riding accident, which left him paralysed. Walters was his first interview. He sat down with him and confessed that he wished he could die.

After being thrown from a horse, theSupermanStar fractured his upper cervical vertebra so severely, doctors didn’t think he would survive.

Walters was told by Reeves that before the surgery, when I was first experiencing consciousness, and you had the thought maybe maybe it’s worth everybody’s trouble, and that thought lasted maybe 10 minutes.”

Walters asked Reeve, “That you wanted death, pull the plug whatever?”

Reeve replied, “Yeah. I suggested, maybe you should just check out.” “And Dana my wonderful, wonderful wife said, ‘You are still you, and we love you.’

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Vladimir Putin

Walters was the first American journalist who interviewed the Russian president.

She asked Putin directly if he had ever ordered anyone to be killed. He refuted the claim.

He said that he didn’t know if it would have been possible for terrorists to strike the United States.20/20Barbara Walters, a victim of the 9/11 attacks, said that “it was a pity our special services failed to get information on the time and warn Americans about the tragedy that occurred.”

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Robert Kardashian

Walters was able to get Robert Kardashian to meet with her after the homicides of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson made national headlines for months.

Incredibly, Kardashian said during the interview that he had doubts about his friend and former client because of the blood evidence.

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Oprah Winfrey

Walters asked Gayle King, a media mogul, to talk about her friendship with Gayle King. There were also rumors about their relationship.

Winfrey, before she wept, said that she “doesn’t know a better friend” than her best friends.

She continued to address her sexuality, saying, “I am not a lesbian.” I’m not even a lesbian. It irritates because it implies that someone must believe I’m lying. Number one. Number two: Why would you hide it? This is not how I live my life.”

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Hugo Chavez

Barbara Walters interviewed President Hugo Chavez, Venezuela. He was famously calling President Bush “the Devil” in a speech at United Nations.

Walters answered her interview questions in his usual interview style. He replied that he called him a devil in United Nations — That’s correct. I also said that he was an elephant because I believe that he is very ignorant.

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Fidel Castro

Walters was Castro’s first interview with an American journalist. They took a boat ride on the Bay of Pigs together and spent 10 days traveling through Cuba. He was seated in the passenger seat, and she was in the driver seat.

Walters interviewed the dictator despite his status.

Castro claimed that Cuba doesn’t have protests during the interview and Walters responded, “But you don’t let it happen!” Perhaps people want to protest!

The trailblazer spent five hours with dictator, earning her death threats.

Walters stated that Walters was charming and meticulous about his private life after his death. He called our interviews “fiery debates” and made it clear that he was an absolute dictator who was opposed to democracy. I told him that the most important thing we disagreed on was the definition of freedom.

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Katharine Hepburn

Walters asked a funny question during the interview. It was “What kind of tree is your name?” Walters got a lot of laughs, but it was a natural transition to Hepburn’s comment about how she saw herself as a tree. Walters later admitted that it was one her biggest interviewing errors.

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Ellen DeGeneres

Walters was candid with DeGeneres about her movie career and her decision to come out. She also spoke out about how her stepfather sexually abused her and how she broke through the window to escape one night.

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