Ben Stiller Visits Poland With UNHCR in Support of Ukrainian Refugees: “Everyone Has the Right to Seek Safety”

Ben Stiller Visits Poland With UNHCR in Support of Ukrainian Refugees: “Everyone Has the Right to Seek Safety” thumbnail

Ben Stiller has teamed up with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees in order to increase support for those fleeing Ukraine during the ongoing war triggered by Russia’s invasion.

The Severance director shared his status on Instagram on Saturday. He said that he is currently working with the agency in Poland. He wrote, “I’ve just arrived to Poland with UNHCR to meet families whose lives were torn apart in the conflict in Ukraine.” “Millions of people have fled their homes, with more 90% being women and children .”

In the back half his short social message, the actor/producer described the trip to be an opportunity to learn and share stories about war and indicated that he would have more updates on social media while he is in the country.

” I’m here to learn, share stories that illustrate war’s human impact and to increase solidarity calls.” he said. “I hope that you will follow along and share your messages of support for those who have fled their homes and people forced to flee other parts of the world .

Stiller concluded the message with a simple but powerful statement: “Everyone has a right to seek safety.” Whoever, wherever, whenever.”

He is among a group of industry professionals who have used their platform in order to raise awareness about the war, which began in February and the numerous humanitarian crises it has triggered in and around Ukraine. Angelina Jolie visited Lviv in April. There, the UNHCR special envoy met with refugees at a train station.

Sean Penn was in Ukraine to film an documentary about the Russian invasion ,. He has been in close contact with Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelesky for months and repeatedly advocated for U.S. assistance for the country. And Ukrainian American actress Mila Kunis has raised over $36 million along with husband Ashton Kutcher through a GoFundMe campaign they both launched to support refugee and humanitarian aid efforts in the country.

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