Best Samsung watches of 2022

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Published Jun 19, 2022 11: 00 AM

Smart tech like a Samsung Watch, keeps your vital health and fitness information at your fingertips. You can track your steps, chart your activity levels over the week, keep track of your phone calls, and even check your email. All you have to do is flick your wrist. Your Samsung watch can also be used to control your music, display notifications, and keep you up to date on the weather. The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is our top pick, but this list of the best Samsung watches includes something for everyone.

How we chose the best Samsung watches

Samsung’s current watch lineup doesn’t have a lot of depth, making it easy to compare the models. Although the Galaxy Watch 3 is still a solid device, it does not have any software updates. You can get Wear OS updates for years if you can afford the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic or the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. Not everyone requires a fully-featured smartwatch. Despite being very affordable, some of the company’s fitness-oriented smartwatches still offer great value.

Things to consider before buying a Samsung watch

Before you can decide which Samsung watch is right for you, think about how you’ll use your new smart timepiece. Some people view their watch as an extension to their smartphone. It allows you to access key features directly on your wrist, without ever having to open your smartphone.

If you intend to use your watch to track your sports and activities, you might have other considerations, such as needing a waterproof smartwatch or one that has access to a wide range of different workout data.

Take a moment to think about your needs and your ideal fitness watch, and be sure to keep these things in mind before you go shopping.

It’s a pass for iPhone users

Samsung has released a new smartwatch every year since 2018. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic and Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, both new offerings from Samsung, are both attractive and impressive devices. But iOS users beware. The 4 Series is the first to run the Google-based Wear OS operating platform instead of Samsung’s proprietary Tizen OS. The Galaxy Watch 4 models will be compatible with an iPhone, but won’t have the same set of features as Android users. If you’re already using an iPhone, then an Apple Watch will likely be a much better fit for you.

If you decide to benefit from some savings and buy one of the older models, Samsung has promised to support Tizen-based watches until roughly 2025.


While Samsung smartwatches can be extremely functional and offer a wide range of unique features, it’s important to think about how the watch should look. It’s your watch that you wear every day, so it’s important to match your style and look good in all situations.

Sporty individuals might not care about the ease of their watch during a workout. However, if you plan to wear it outside of the gym you might prefer a more traditional watch face or the ability of changing the strap. The watch is not meant to be kept in your pocket all day, so it’s important to look good.


Smartwatches are getting larger and more expensive in recent years. The current Galaxy Watch 4 comes in 40mm and 44mm faces. The Galaxy Watch Classic comes in 42mm and 46mm sizes. Even the smallest option will still feel large on your wrist.

Your fitness goals

Think about your exercise routine and what data you want to record with your watch. If you are a swimmer, your watch must be waterproof and can calculate your stroke. Reliable GPS is essential for running, biking, or hiking. It will help you plan and track new routes.

Samsung watches are also great for improving your overall health. They can be used to track your sleep and pair with the Calm app for meditation.

Going offline

One downside to wearable tech is the feeling that you’re constantly connected and “on.” These notifications can be annoying when they appear on your wrist during non-office hours or weekends.

To avoid this issue, pay attention to how your watch is set up and choose which apps you want to receive notifications from. To make any changes, you can also access the settings of your Galaxy Wearable app.

Best Samsung watches: Reviews & Recommendations

Here are our top picks of the best Samsung watches, from simple budget smartwatches to the newest iteration of the smartwatch.

Best overall: Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

Why it made the cut: This great-looking Samsung watch, with its rotating bezel, offers all the best features of the newest smartwatches with a classic look that elevates the design.


  • Heart Rate: Yes
  • GPS: Yes
  • Swim-Proof: Yes


  • Runs on the new Google Wear OS
  • Grown-up design that looks great for all occasions
  • Will get more software updates than older models


  • Expensive

Available in either black or silver and in two sizes–42mm and 46mm, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is one of a pair of the latest smartwatches from Samsung.

Make it yours by mixing and matching different straps and watch faces to create a unique look. This watch is heavier than its sister and larger overall. It offers 1.5GB RAM, 16GB storage, Bluetooth, and LTE. Both watches are compatible with the new Wear OS 3. Unfortunately, they will not work with iPhones.

The BioActive sensor measures your heart rate and provides Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis. This allows you to monitor blood oxygen levels and blood pressure and calculate your body fat percentage.

Loaded with a built in GPS, a compass and a compass compatible with Google Maps and third-party apps such as Spotify and Adidas Running, you will have access to running routes to keep you on track. This wellness coach and trainer will help you reach your fitness and health goals.

You can also use your smartwatch to pay for certain goods or services, provided you have a compatible bank service. Although this Samsung watch is at the top of the price scale, ranging from $349. 99 to $429. 99, it’s well worth the investment.

Best for fitness: Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Why it made the cut: Available in a wide range of colors and with a sporty design, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 delivers in both design and functionality.


  • Wireless charging: Yes, Qi
  • RAM: 1.5GB
  • GPS: Built-in


  • Excellent fitness features
  • Slim profile and fun watch faces
  • Full body composition analysis feature


  • Unreliable battery life

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is smaller than the Classic, which our team deemed to be the best overall. You can choose from four colors for the standard Galaxy Watch 4, including black, pink, silver, and green. The basic design of the two watches is the same, with the exception of the bezel feature and the design of the classic. However, those with smaller wrists may prefer the slightly lighter version. Made from aluminum, this watch offers two sizes–40mm and 44mm. The screen offers an impressive resolution of 396 x 396 or 450 x 450 depending on which size you opt for.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has a variety of fitness features, including ECG support, activity monitoring, GPS for running records, and waterproof to 5 meters with swim tracking.

However, to access the ECG and blood pressure monitoring functions, you will need a Samsung smartphone. Both models offer NFC for Samsung Pay.

Best waterproof: Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2

Why it made the cut: The swim-friendly Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 is a versatile option that works with any smartphone as it runs on Samsung’s Tizen operating system.


  • Display: 40mm or 44mm
  • Heart Rate: Yes
  • Swim-Proof: Yes


  • Good 2-day battery life
  • Minimal modern look
  • Offline Spotify storage


  • Not much of an upgrade on the previous model
  • Sleep tracking is flawed

This smartwatch is water-resistant, tracks activity and has an ECG option. It is also unusually priced at this price. It is available in two sizes and two finishes: aluminum, which can be found in pink, aqua, and cloud silver colors, or stainless steel, which is available in silver, black and gold.

This watch is great for runners because it comes with a Running Analysis that includes data on your contact, flight times, stiffness, vertical oscillation and measures VO2max. The heart rate monitor is accurate and twice as powerful than its predecessor. You can also listen to Spotify on your phone while running. If you need a break, smart pay allows you to pay for a mid-run coffee break.

In 2012, Samsung released an update to allow older smartwatch models such as the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 and other Samsung devices to get fall detection. This allows users to add pre-selected contacts who will receive an SOS message in the event of a fall. This model can withstand splashes of water, showering, and also swimming, as it’s rated at 5 ATM, which means it’s water-resistant to depths of 50 meters. You can take a dip knowing that your smart watch will automatically track your strokes.

Best older model: Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Why it made the cut: This stylish model is our favorite with a traditional timepiece design.


  • OS: Tizen OS
  • Onboard storage: 8GB
  • Battery duration: Up to 3 days


  • Premium design
  • ECG Readings
  • Thousands of watch faces to choose from


  • Galaxy watch 4 has replaced it

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 features all you need to track and record your workouts and activities. It is water-resistant for swimming and GPS for running and hiking. It also has a heart rate monitor and VO2 Max readings. You can also track your sleep and stress for total wellness. It’s not a typical sports watch, but it is the ultimate sports watch. It can be worn for special occasions or formal work.

The bright screen makes it easy for you to see and the rotating bezel makes navigation easy, even while you’re working out. This watch is more than a rival to the Apple Watch for Android users.

Best budget: Samsung Galaxy Fit 2

Why it was selected: Why it was chosen: Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 is an affordable wearable that can track steps, heart rate, and other metrics for a super-low price.


  • OS: FreeRTOS
  • RAM Size: 2 MB
  • Battery Life: Typical usage time up to 15 days


  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable
  • Low price
  • Compact


  • No GPS

The Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 isn’t as sleek as the other models and lacks advanced features that you would expect from a higher-end smartwatch. This wearable is affordable and will appeal to those who are looking for basic fitness-tracking features.

At just $59, it does a great job of tracking steps, sleep patterns, and various forms of exercise. It relies on motion sensor to track activity. This makes it less accurate than higher-end models. Notifications, weather updates and music control are all included. However, the screen is narrow and long so you will need scrolling to see the entire message. It is not designed to display photos. Samsung claims that the battery can last 15 days but the company may be a little too generous with that prediction. The Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 is a great budget option. It comes in red or black and has a soft, comfortable silicone band.


Q: How much does a Samsung watch cost?

You can pick up the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 for less than $60. Older models of Samsung watches are becoming more affordable and still offer great features. A new Samsung Galaxy 4 watch will cost you between $249. 99 and $429. 99, depending on which model you choose.

Q: Which Galaxy watch can make calls?

To make calls on your Samsung Galaxy watch, it needs to be equipped with both a built-in mic and speaker, like the Galaxy Watch Active2, Galaxy Watch3, Galaxy Watch4, Galaxy Watch4 Classic, and Gear S3.

Q: Do Samsung watches work with iPhones?

The answer here is a frustrating “kinda.” The new Galaxy Watch 4 models run on Google’s Wear OS, which isn’t fully compatible with iPhone. If you’re an iPhone user, you will get much better performance out of an Apple Watch.

Final thoughts on the best Samsung watches

The best Samsung watches can help you keep track of your health and fitness, and extend your smartphone’s capabilities to improve productivity and connectivity. For a pared-down watch that simply tracks activity and sleep with fewer features at a low price point, consider the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2, while for a premium experience push the boat out and go for either the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 or the Classic option.

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