Billionaire Naveen Jain Has Mining Rights on the Moon. Here’s What He Plans to Do Next.

Billionaire Naveen Jain Has Mining Rights on the Moon. Here's What He Plans to Do Next. thumbnail

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Spending time with Naveen Jay is like gulping a nitro-coffee right from the tap.

Born in India, the billionaire learned early on that life’s game is not always right-justified. Jain and his family travelled through large cities with large populations to find honorable work. Unfortunately, his father’s efforts at honorable work led Jain and his family to abandon their professional growth. The family settled down in small villages after their father refused to play large-scale city politics. It led to a decline in their standard of life that may have scared some families, but it was a turning point for the Jains.

Jain’s father, Naveen, was a builder. His toolbelt is stuffed with boundless energy, wit and wisdom for a better future.

The endlessly curious billionaire

The man who can actually mine the moon has set his course forward to crack the human health code with Viome Life Sciences. Jain stated that Viome’s sole mission is to “make sickness optional.” Viome’s AI-driven platform analyses the interaction between food, microbiome and human cells in order to create precision nutrition that can prevent and reverse chronic diseases.

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Jain’s belief in Viome mirrors his belief that entrepreneurs should embody the passion of their company. He says that entrepreneurs should get out of bed every morning and that if they don’t, they are not pursuing the right goal. “Entrepreneurs must be obsessed with solving problems. Passion is not for hobbies, passion is for losers. True obsession is what makes winners and entrepreneurs successful. They want to solve problems when they go to bed. “

Jain may be in short supply of sleep these days. Jain balances his curiosity in life as the Executive Chair of Singularity University as well as as a Trustee of the Board of XPRIZE.

How do you define success

Despite his success, Jain’s obsession isn’t about dollars and cents. Jain was frightened by the fact that he was a billionaire. Jain points out that happiness does not have to be in the hands or experiences of others.

” Success is not about the destination. Success is about the journey. Recognize the contributions of those who came before you and set your sights on moving the ball downfield. No matter how much success you have had, the next generation should still be able to look up to you and continue the progress. “

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Jain points out that success or failure depends more on the idea’s importance then on one person. Jain’s ability to adapt, pivot and listen is perhaps the most important attribute of his entrepreneurial success. He doesn’t see his failures as an indictment of himself. He uses data to help him find a better way forward.

His definition of success is the ability to make a difference in the lives of others.

” Success is not measured by the achievement of goals. It is measured by the number people whose lives you have touched. “

Jain’s childhood instilled in him a sense calm in the face change. Jain learned to embrace change rather than fear the unknown through constant upheaval in his village.

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“Change was my mantra throughout my life. I can handle any situation. He says it doesn’t bother me and entrepreneurs should have the same mindset to get through difficult times.”

His advice for entrepreneurs is simple: “Remember that success is not measured by how much money you have in your bank account. It is all about the quality of your life. You are successful when you are humble. “

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