Budweiser Cheekily Responds to FIFA’s Alcohol Sale Ban at the World Cup

Budweiser Cheekily Responds to FIFA’s Alcohol Sale Ban at the World Cup

This year’s World Cup was halted by strict rules in Qatar, a predominantly Muslim country.

Just days before the tournament started, FIFA and Qatari officials announced the ban on alcohol sales. This is a major setback for Budweiser and Anheuser-Busch InBev which now have a surplus of beer meant to supply spectators and fans during the tournament. The company’s surprise and major disappointment was that the ban on alcohol sales for a month will likely result in a drop in quarterly revenue.

Budweiser appears to be laughing at the situation by posting a photo inside a warehouse of the excess beer cases.

New Day. The Buds go to the winner country. Who will win them? pic.twitter.com/Vv2YFxIZa1

— Budweiser (@Budweiser) November 19, 2022

“New Day, New Tweet. The company wrote, “Winning Country gets the Buds.” “Who will get them?” “

The cheeky Tweet might have been a nod to a now-deleted Tweet by Budweiser over the weekend which reportedly said “Well, this is awkward” following FIFA’s announcement that beverages would no longer be sold.

“We tried till the end to see if it was possible,” FIFA president Gianni Intino stated to the press about the decision to ban beverages. “If you can’t drink beer for three hours per day, you will live.” There is a reason why alcohol is banned from stadiums in France, Spain, and Scotland.

Fans can still purchase alcohol at the FIFA Fan Festival, which takes place at night. However, there will be restrictions on how many people can purchase.

The World Cup began on Sunday with a match between Ecuador and Qatar.

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