Burger King Under Fire For ‘One of the Dumbest Displays’ of Activism in New Pride Campaign

Burger King Under Fire For ‘One of the Dumbest Displays’ of Activism in New Pride Campaign

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In yet another marketing swing and a miss, Burger King is the latest big name company to come under fire for its new “tone-deaf” campaign surrounding the Pride Whopper, a new version of the chain’s iconic sandwich.

To be clear, nothing about the Whopper sandwich itself has changed except the buns. Customers can choose between two top buns and two bottom buns when ordering the Pride Whopper.

Burger King Austria launched the new campaign. It features a rainbow background, two Pride whoppers, and the slogan “Time for you to be proud.” “

The company also posted the new concept on its Instagram account along with a lengthy caption. This caption (roughly translated from English) stated that the Whopper is “two equal buns for equally love and equal rights” as well as that the sandwich is “meant put a smile in our faces.” “

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However, many people on social media were putting smiles on faces and slamming the chain of insensitivity and lack awareness.

Burger King Austria created a Pride burger with two tops and two bottoms… What in straight hell? pic.twitter.com/bSl3Cyiq9p

— Jarett Wieselman (@JarettSays) June 3, 2022

That Pride Whopper is about one of the dumbest displays of performative activism I have ever seen

— Kyla N’Cole (@KylaNCole1) June 8, 2022

What is this I’m hearing about a Pride Whopper? Seriously @BurgerKing

— Marisa Lobue (@LobueMarisa) June 6, 2022

Burger King has introduced the “Pride Burger.” It’s a regular Whopper but comes with either two or three top buns. This seems absurd to me, even to LGBT people. pic.twitter.com/J4aAIRx7p5

— dei gratia (@JackoEdward) June 5, 2022

What the hell is the pride whopper? What are they thinking

— <> VArtist (@ceruchie) June 6, 2022

Burger King Austria’s Instagram account was also littered with over 2,300 comments from users across the globe.

” Late capitalism is a great time for being alive,” one person joked.

Many accused the company of “pride-washing” (a term used to describe a business or a company that displays rainbow colors or Pride-specific campaigns during Pride month but doesn’t actually engage in tangible action or support towards the LGBTQ community) and questioned the company on its true intentions.

” What are you actually doing to support the community?” asked one Instagram user. “Aside from this MESS?” “

The campaign is currently only running in Austria and the Pride Whopper will be available through June 20.

” The Equal Buns campaign was created by the Burger King Austria team to promote equal rights and equal love. It featured two identical buns on each option of the Whopper sandwich. Burger King Austria also serves as an Official Proud Partner and Sponsor of Vienna Pride 2022,” Burger King told Entrepreneur via email.

However, this isn’t the chain’s first attempt at such a product.

Back in 2014, U.S. locations of the chain revealed the original Proud Whopper, which consisted of a regular Whopper wrapped inside a rainbow-printed burger wrap that featured the LGBTQ flag on the front with the words “We are all the same” printed inside.

The burger was sold at a Burger King in San Francisco, California for only a week.

The chain is a part of Restaurant Brands International, which was down around 24% year over year as of Wednesday morning.

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