Butterball CEO Not Worried Chicken Will Replace Thanksgiving Turkey

Butterball CEO Not Worried Chicken Will Replace Thanksgiving Turkey

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In an appearance on Neal Cavuto’s Fox Business show Cavuto Coast to Coast, Butterball CEO Jay Jandrain made clear that his company is not experiencing a lot of fallout due to higher turkey prices.

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Jandrain told Cavuto that his company expects “that everyone who wants a turkey will get one this year.” His assertion comes after the New York Post reported that some customers are responding to a rise in turkey prices by cooking chicken this Thanksgiving. Jandrain stated, “We’ve shipped, in fact, more product this season than last year.” He added, “And so far what we’re hearing is that pull-through has been good, there aren’t shortages and everyone should be able get exactly what they want.” “

According to Jandrain, 85% of people who responded to Butterball surveys will have turkey for Thanksgiving. According to the CEO, he hasn’t seen any data about a turkey substitute. It might be understandable that some consumers choose to eat other poultry this holiday. Compared to the fourth quarter of 2021, turkey prices increased by up to 23%, butter by 25.8%, and flour by 17.1%. Eggs are also more expensive this year, up by 32.5%, thanks to the same avian influenza outbreak that affected turkey costs.

Jandrain stated that Butterball has tried to keep rising costs contained to company operations, rather than passing them onto consumers. He explained that the way our operation is set up, he said, “we supply the feed to our farmers who raise turkeys for us.” We know how costly that can be and how it affects the price of the product. “

While Thanksgiving chicken is common enough that plenty of recipes are found online, it looks like turkey traditions are still safe. The holiday is just around the corner, but anyone looking for alternate main dishes aside from either bird can find an assortment — from salmon to lasagna — on the New York Times holiday cooking page.

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