CBS Mornings Deals: Portable charcoal grill, LED Bluetooth speaker and more

CBS Mornings Deals: Portable charcoal grill, LED Bluetooth speaker and more

Exclusive discounts on outdoor items

Exclusive discounts on outdoor items from “CBS Mornings Deals”

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This week on “CBS Mornings,” lifestyle expert Elizabeth Werner discusses items designed to enhance your outdoor experience this fall. Discover this week’s exclusive deals below, and visit CBS or text CBS to 65000 to take advantage of them today.

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Grill Time Tailgater: Cook food evenly while on the go with the Grill Time Tailgater. The portable charcoal grill has a lid that can be seen through and uses a clean-burning gas and a battery-powered variable fan to ignite the charcoal. Its design uses 10% of the charcoal that a comparably sized charcoal grill uses and works to eliminate carcinogen-carrying smoke.

Was priced at $199. 99, offered on for $99. 99

Llevvell Hero Charger Kit: Stay connected anywhere with the Llevvell Hero Charger Kit. The rechargeable compact charger contains enough charge to provide more than 19 hours of extended use for a device and doesn’t require a cable. You can use the device on smartphones, tablets, portable gaming devices and headphones with the choice of either Lightning, USB-C, or Micro-USB connectors.

Was priced at $49. 99, offered on for $24. 99

TikiTunes Speaker and Stake Bundle: Light up the mood and light up the party with the TikiTunes Speaker and Stake BOGO Bundle, which includes two TikiTunes Bluetooth speakers and two stakes with ambient light and a flickering flame. The lightweight, water-resistant and dust-proof devices can be used outdoors. The Bluetooth-enabled speakers can play for hours on one charge. The warm LED light flickers to look like a real fire and glows brightly.

Was priced at $139. 96, offered on for $59. 99

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