CBS News, Local Stations Stop Tweeting as Networks “Monitor the Situation” at Twitter

CBS News, Local Stations Stop Tweeting as Networks “Monitor the Situation” at Twitter

CBS News will not tweet in the near future because the network “continues monitoring the situation” at the social networking platform now managed by Elon Musk ,, a CBS News spokesperson said to The Hollywood Reporter.

“In light of the uncertainty around Twitter and out of an abundance of caution, @cbsnews is temporarily pausing its activity on the social media platform as it continues to monitor the situation. The company released a statement saying that they are optimistic that activity will resume soon.

CBS News national correspondent Jonathan Vigliotti also shared the same statement during a televised report on Friday evening.

The media company’s decision to pause its activity on the platform comes as hundreds of Twitter employees resigned this week after Musk sent an ultimatum to staffers: “be extremely hard core” and prepare to work “long hours at high intensity” for his vision of a supposed “Twitter 2.0,” or leave Twitter. After the executive had laid off nearly half the company’s workforce shortly after his takeover and then fired employees who voiced their disapproval of his leadership.

In recent weeks, key executives including Yoel Roth (Twitter’s former head for safety and trust), have also left the company.

Twitter also restored accounts to Kathy Griffin , Jordan Peterson, and to the conservative satire website The Babylon Bee , without providing much information on how or why these decisions were made. Musk previously said in October he would convene a content moderation council with “widely diverse viewpoints” to determine account reinstatements and content decisions, but it does not appear that this council was ever formed.

What about the possibility of Donald Trump’s account being reinstated? Musk tweeted out a poll.

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