Claire Foy says therapist was on set of new film: “Material is very triggering”

Claire Foy says therapist was on set of new film: “Material is very triggering”

Claire Foy is a British actress who is best known for her role as “The Crown.” She stars in a new film in which she was a therapist on the set while actors and crew dealt with material that she called “very triggering.” “

The film “Women Talking” is about a group of women who discover that their men are sexually abusing them at night in a Mennonite colony. It loosely draws from true events that occurred in Bolivia between 2005 and 2009..

” We all sat down and talked about how the things we’ve all had to portray in movies or TV shows were deeply harrowing. Foy said that this is the first time they’ve had someone on set to protect the actors and make sure they’re okay .”

Foy stated that there were many times when cast and crew had to take a break. “And it was amazing to have that kind of supportive environment.” “

The film, directed by Sarah Polley, features themes of child abuse, and rape. Foy, a mother to a 7-year old girl, said she had to change her mind so that she could leave “that” at home and not bring it home.

She also admitted that she and others are “just actors.”

” We were portraying an actual event, and you have to understand that you are only an actor presenting it. It’s not about feeling it in the moment or taking too much responsibility for it,” she said.

Foy stated that she had to change her mindset from when she played the role of Queen Elizabeth II in “The Crown,” a Netflix drama series about the British royal family.

” Every character is a leap really,” Foy stated. “I believe that everything is a leap of faith. You also get to explore different aspects of yourself, which I have done many times in my career.”

Foy observed that she is “very different” to Queen Elizabeth II — “Personality wise.” Class-wise. Everything. “

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