Elon Musk Seeking Investors to Buy Twitter Shares at the Same Price He Paid

Elon Musk Seeking Investors to Buy Twitter Shares at the Same Price He Paid

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Twitter and its new owner are not in the best of times. There are legal problems, such as a possible lawsuit. class-action Suit over how Elon Musk laid off employees, an ongoing exodus Unpaid users Rent Advertisers and other bills The end of the world. Not to be missed Tesla investors tweet Musk spends too much time tweeting, according to complaints.


Semafor Reports The social media giant is looking for new investors and is offering shares at $54.20. This is the same amount Elon Musk paid for Twitter when he bought it for $44 billion on October 27, 2022. Semafor’s report states that Jared Birchall manages Elon Musk’s family office and has been reaching out to potential investors this week.

Birchall sent an email to potential investors stating that they had received “many inbound requests to invest on Twitter” and that they were pleased to announce a follow up equity offering for common shares at their original price and terms. This is a year-end close.

This is after Musk’s announcement. sold 22 million Tesla shares This week, he sold nearly $4 billion of his holdings in EV manufacturers for the second time since he purchased the site.

However, Friday’s news was not about Musk or Twitter looking for new cash infusions. It was about his concerns about a Possible stalker Summary Suspension Many journalists have been covering the billionaire’s story for years.

These are just a few of the challenges that Twitter faces. However, blocking links to Mastodon, a rival social media site, could lead to a larger problem. Unwelcome scrutiny by the Federal Trade Commission.

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