Experts rank the raw food diet as the worst of 2023

Experts rank the raw food diet as the worst of 2023

It’s that time again of the year. Millions make a difference. New Year’s Resolution To eat healthier. This can be daunting when you consider all the popular diets on social media. The raw-food diet is something you should avoid.

This diet was the lowest-ranked among 24 food plans that were evaluated by a panel comprising 30 experts. The annual diet ranking by US News & World Report For 2023. The experts reviewed Multiple factors To help them make a decision, they will need to consider how easy it is to follow a particular diet, whether there are any potential diseases that could be prevented, and if all food groups are included. Each diet was given a score based on 11 sets of rankings. These included the best overall, best diet for diabetes, best diet for heart health, and best plant-based diet. The 2023 list includes the top family-friendly diets. These diets were ranked partly based on adaptability and the best diets to maintain joint and bone health.

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The worst score was given to the raw-food diet. This diet, true to its name, requires that you only eat raw foods. This includes fruits, vegetables and sprouted grains. Sometimes, animal products like unprocessed milk or raw fish are also included.

Vanita Rahman, an intern medicine physician and clinic director at the Barnard Medical Center in Washington, D.C., says that raw foods are best enjoyed as part of whole foods, plant-based meals. The report is available here.

According to the report, there is no evidence that cutting out processed foods has any health benefits. Consuming only raw food is very restrictive. Raw foods are often more nutritious than pre-prepared food, which can make it more difficult to maintain a healthy diet. Even though temporary weight loss may occur, this makes it more difficult to stick to the diet over time. Maintaining an easy-to-maintain lifestyle Over a longer timeStudies have shown that these are the best strategies at any age.

Other diets at the bottom of this list include those that are too restrictive or difficult to follow over the long-term, or that cut out food groups that could be nutritious. These include low-carb diets. Atkins And Keto Diets and SlimFast And OptaviaBoth of these products use processed shakes, bars, or supplements to replace whole foods.

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The sixth consecutive year, the winner is the Mediterranean diet. This diet consists primarily of plant-based foods such as fruits and veggies, beans, nuts, whole grains and seafood. It also includes unsaturated fats from extra-virgin oil and whole grains. The diet is simple and effective, according to the report. Studies have also shown that it lowers the risk of developing cancer. Cardiovascular disease And Type 2 diabetes While promoting a higher quality of living longer lifespans.

“What’s great about Mediterranean is that it is very user-friendly. It’s similar to the (U.S. Department of Agriculture’ healthy eating plan,” Camila Mart, a nutritionist at University of Wisconsin Health, Madison, who wasn’t involved in the rankings. Tells “It is very adaptable based on what people have access even with limited resources.”

According to the report, there are other diets that perform well. Dietary approaches to stop hypertension (DASH)., Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes (TLC)., Flexitarian, which consists mainly of plant-based foods with occasional meat. All three are easy to use, accessible, and encourage regular exercise..

Before you make any changes to your diet, consult an expert.

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