Gen Z Congressman Claims He Was Rejected From Renting an Apartment in D.C.: ‘We Have to Do Better’

Gen Z Congressman Claims He Was Rejected From Renting an Apartment in D.C.: ‘We Have to Do Better’

Congressman Maxwell Frost made headlines when he became the first Gen Z member of congress following November’s election, but now he’s catching attention for a much more brow-raising reason.

Frost, a democratic representative from Florida, alleged that he was applying for an apartment in Washington, D.C. when he was denied after disclosing he had bad credit from the debt he accumulated while running for office.

For those asking, I have bad credit cause I ran up a lot of debt running for Congress for a year and a half. Didn’t make enough money from Uber itself to pay for my living.

— Maxwell Alejandro Frost (@MaxwellFrostFL) December 8, 2022

Frost then went on to talk about how difficult it is to make money while campaigning and explained just how taxing it can be.

As a candidate, you can’t give yourself a stipend or anything till the very end of your campaign. So most of the run, you have no $ coming in unless you work a second job.

— Maxwell Alejandro Frost (@MaxwellFrostFL) December 8, 2022

Frost raised an impressive $2.4 million through September 30 of this year for his campaign with the help of progressive groups and congressional members. The average amount raised by U.S. House Democratic candidates during the same time period was $1.8 million.

Of the $2.4 million, Frost spent an estimated $2.2 million. More than half of the funds Frost raised came from individual donors giving $200 or less.

Frost did not specify which neighborhood he was looking to rent from in D.C.

According to RentCafe, as of July 2022, the average rent in Washington, D.C. was $2,335 with an average apartment size of 746 square feet, the most expensive neighborhood being Federal Triangle which saw an average rent price of $3,197.

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