Hannah Gadsby Returns to Netflix With Multiple-Title Pact

Hannah Gadsby Returns to Netflix With Multiple-Title Pact

Hannah Gadsby is back in business with Netflix.

The Tasmanian comic, who broke out with stand-up special Nanette, has returned to the streaming giant with a multiple-title deal. The deal includes a third stand-up special for Netflix as well as a multi-comic special that will feature “gender-diverse comedians.”

The deal comes nearly a year after Gadsby blasted Netflix for its controversial Dave Chappelle stand-up special and co-CEO Ted Sarandos for supporting The Closer, which was criticized as transphobic. “Hey Ted Sarandos! “Hey Ted Sarandos! I now have to deal even more with the hatred and anger that Dave Chappelle’s supporters like to unleash upon me every time he gets 20 millions dollars to process his partial world view. Ted, you didn’t pay me enough to deal with the real-world consequences of the hate speech dog whistling that you refuse to acknowledge. Fuck you and your amoral algorithm-cult.

Sarandos had previously shown his support for Chappelle — who mocked gender identity in his 2021special — and stated in a memo to address the backlash that The Nearer “doesn’t directly translate into real-world harm” so he would not be removed.

Gadsby’s latest stand-up set, Body of Work, is more personal than 2020’s Douglas, which marked their follow-up to breakout the Emmy-winning Nanette. As part of Gadsby’s Australian leg, the special will be filmed at the Sydney Opera House. The Sydney Opera House Trust is helping to record the special.

The untitled multi-comic special will feature a diverse cast of comedians. Gadsby stated Monday that he will host and curate a Netflix lineup show featuring six new, gender-diverse comedians in an effort to open up a door I had to overcome. “In a notoriously transphobic field, I am looking to expand the opportunities for genderqueer performers around the world, as well as increase the diversity of offerings to audiences at one of comedy’s largest platforms.” The program, which includes a mentorship program for these young comics, aims to foster professional development for a group that is still struggling to make their voices heard. Recorded in one run in the U.K. , this program will allow the world to hear these voices for their first time, but certainly not the last.

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