Hollywood Flashback: Anne Hathaway Dreamed a Dream Come True With ‘Les Miserables’

Hollywood Flashback: Anne Hathaway Dreamed a Dream Come True With ‘Les Miserables’

The current awards season marks a decade ago that Anne Hathaway was nominated for her role as James Gray’s. Armageddon TimeFor her role as Fantine,, won a variety of supporting actress awards, including the BAFTA and Golden Globe, SAG Award, Oscar, and SAG Award. Les Miserables. The actress was already a star in movies like “The Last of Us” and “The Golden Girls”. The Princess Diaries, The Devil Wears Prada And Brokeback MountainShe was nominated for her first Oscar, for best actress, in 2008’s The Greatest Showmanship. Rachel Gets Married.

Five years later, Oscar gold would be delivered by Tom Hooper’s big-screen adaptation of the stage musical. In which Hathaway plays a starving sex worker and loses her hair and teeth before dying, crowing the heartbreaking “I Dreamed a Dream”. Her performance was hailed by Hugh Jackman, who also featured Russell Crowe and Eddie Redmayne, as well as Amanda Seyfried, Helena Bonham Carter, and was called a standout in an all-star cast that included Amanda Seyfried, Russell Crowe, and Eddie Redmayne.

Todd McCarthy wrote that “Hathaway dominates and belts out anguish like the doomed Fantine,” in his article. THR Review of the Universal film. She said that she “gamely gets down to dirty and has her hair cut onscreen.”

Hathaway worked hard to get the role. Her mother, who had been in the Broadway production’s first nationwide tour, played the role years before. “My mom and me were discussing the idea Fantine has lit an open match and she’s watching it burn. Hathaway explained that Fantine needs to blow it out and let in darkness. THRDecember 2012, Actress Roundtable. Hathaway was literally starving herself for 13 days while she was on set (“Eating only scanty oatmeal to lose 25 pounds”) THR It was described), and she also worked with a researcher on the subject of sexual slavery to fully immerse herself in it.

Les Miserables At the 2013 Academy Awards, she was nominated for eight categories and won three. Hathaway, who was on stage to accept her award for the Academy Awards 2013, acknowledged the realization of her dream and began her speech by saying, “It happened.”

Excerpt from THR's 2013 review on 'Les Miserables’

THR’s Todd McCarthy, THR’s reviewer, praised Anne Hathaway but found the film, with its intense performances and melodramatic plot, “heavily, even soaringly monotonous.”

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