How Do You Acquire Clients in Any Situation? You Need to Ask These Questions.

How Do You Acquire Clients in Any Situation? You Need to Ask These Questions.

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Sarah Michael, the founder and CEO SparklingResults ,, focuses on helping clients achieve results without sacrificing other aspects of their lives. She spoke with Jessica Abso about how to turn everyday conversations into money-making opportunities.

Jessica Abo: Sarah, you’re a coach who specializes in high-ticket messaging, marketing and sales. Tell us about your work.

My work is what I call Feminine Sales Power, and that is the ability to bring in high ticket sales everywhere you go because you know how to have the right conversation, with the right person, at the right time, without being pushy. I teach marketing, sales, and messaging. My philosophy is that masculine structures, such as calendars, scripts, and templates, support feminine flow. Our ability to use intuition, our ability feel the other person and meet them right where they are at that moment.

Where do you think most people go wrong?

What I find is most people, when their gut says, “Oh, I can help this person.” They jump to a sale immediately. Let’s discuss my program, my offer, and how to get on a sales conversation. Asking more questions is the best thing to do in that situation.

What are the questions someone should ask?

My whole approach around finding clients everywhere is, you’re going to do this in the grocery store, you’re going to do this at a party, you’re going to do this, sure, at a networking event. It doesn’t matter where you are talking to people. So you should keep the questions light. This is not a sales conversation. Sometimes, when we tell people about what we do, they just talk about the problem we solve. You want to keep them talking and learn more. “Tell me more about that. What have you done to fix it? This can be a great question. We don’t want the conversation to go on about “How long this has been going on?” What is the cost of this? Those are sales questions.

Once we’ve got the questions, do we get their contact information? Do we give our contact information to them?

The best way to go about this is to get their information or exchange your contact information, but don’t just give them your card. They will never contact you. They won’t contact you. People are terrible at following-up, so get their information and follow up with them. Or, better yet, make a plan right away. This is my best advice. This is not possible at the grocery store. That would be crazy.

What are some other ways that we can reach out to people who might be interested in what we do?

We want the context to be both for you and the other person to know that we may discuss a possible sale. You need to be careful about that. You will end up judging people and getting ahead of their understanding, which is not fun for you or them. Instead, when you set up the call, make sure that they understand that part our intention is to help you solve this problem.

How many conversations should someone anticipate having before someone is interested in their services?

I have what I call the seven essential money-making conversations. We just talked about the first three, which are the initial conversation, the connection conversation and the conversion of a friendly conversation to a sales conversation. Each one is unique and necessary at times. It is possible for someone to become a client in just a few minutes. It may take many more conversations.

Where can people go to find more clients?

Tip number one, talk to people wherever you go. Tip number 2 is to develop relationships on social media. Do not just send your link and go. Instead, engage people in direct messages. You can get them on the telephone, have a chat, or you get to know them. Tip three: Play the long game. This method will get you clients in the short-term, but you will also get clients long-term because you build relationships. Even if you haven’t spoken to them in two decades, they call you and know that you are the person they need.

And once someone gets to this stage with a business lead, how can they seal the deal?

You want to have meaningful conversations. It’s about having meaningful conversations, creating a depth in conversation, and a connection that makes the person feel truly heard, understood, and connected. This is how they begin to get you, just like you, and want you to buy from them. It’s easy to find the right buyer and get a high-ticket client with just one phone call.

What advice would you give people who listen to all that you have to offer and are ready to let you know when they are ready to go? It’s a new day in business. What are you going to say to them?

Be open to new people wherever you are. There are clients all around you. If you start a conversation with one of them, learn how to lead them into deeper conversations or just bumble along. It’s better to make the connection a bit more complicated than to let the client slip by your fingers. They need your help. Let’s help them.

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