How Do You Get People Excited About a Project That Doesn’t Exist?

How Do You Get People Excited About a Project That Doesn't Exist? thumbnail

” Advertising is a process of creating an advertisement around a product that’s already available in stores,” Liz O’Connor, a producer from McCann New York, says. “But True Name by Mastercard didn’t exist. “

This was O’Connor’s challenge and the creative team behind Mastercard’s True Name campaign. Mastercard works with banks to allow transgender customers to put their names on their cards. “For most of us, we just hand our credit cards to the cashier and it is so easy,” she says. “But for trans people, it isn’t always that simple.” We wanted to be thoughtful about this simple, yet easy moment that can cause anxiety in someone. “

In the video above O’Connor explains the creative and emotional components of this powerful ad that won multiple awards including the Brand Experience, Activation Grand Prix at Cannes Lions and Gold Lions in both Direct and PR categories. She says that the project was extremely rewarding for both the team and herself professionally. O’Connor says, “This product didn’t exist and we wanted banks to see that it was important to create.” “And so we did. We created a spot, got a lot of people excited about the idea, and lo and behold True Name is a real product that exists in the world today. “

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