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How Much Are MRE Meals?

MRE meals, also known as Meals Ready-to-Eat, are an essential item for anyone involved in the military. It is a delicious and nutritious meal that can be prepared quickly and easily. But one of the most common questions people ask is “how much do they cost?” There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as prices vary depending on several factors.

Military Surplus vs. Commercial Products

When it comes to purchasing MREs, there are two primary sources – military surplus or commercial products. Military surplus MREs are typically cheaper than their commercial counterparts, but the quality may not be as high. The contents, packaging, and flavor of these meals often vary from batch to batch. On the other hand, commercial MREs are usually more expensive, but the quality is generally consistent.

Flavor Variations

The taste of MREs also plays a role in determining how much they cost. Some flavors such as chicken teriyaki, beef stroganoff, and chili macaroni are widely available and tend to be priced lower than specialty flavors like blueberry cobbler or macaroni and cheese. As with any food product, rare flavors will often cost more.

Bulk Discounts

Purchasing MREs in bulk can significantly reduce the overall price. Many retailers offer discounts when customers buy larger quantities. However, it is important to consider storage space before buying too many at once. MREs have a shelf life of up to five years, so if you don’t plan on consuming them all within a reasonable time frame, it is best to look for smaller packages.

Where to Buy MREs

MREs can be purchased from a variety of different outlets. These include outdoor stores, military surplus stores, online retailers, and even some grocery stores. Prices can vary greatly depending on the vendor, so it is wise to shop around for the best deal. Additionally, military personnel may be eligible for discounted rates, so it is always worth inquiring about special offers.

Are MREs Worth the Price?

For those looking for a convenient and tasty meal that can be prepared in minutes, MREs are definitely worth the price. They provide the nutrition of a full meal without the time or expense of cooking. Furthermore, MREs can last up to 5 years when stored properly, making them a great choice for emergency or long-term food storage. Whether you are looking to stock up your pantry or take a meal while camping, MREs provide a quick and easy solution.

In summary, MREs come in a variety of flavors and sizes, and the cost depends on a few different factors. Military surplus MREs are usually cheaper than commercial products, but their quality may differ. Specialty flavors may cost more than staples like beef stroganoff, and buying in bulk can save money. Ultimately, MREs are an excellent option for anyone looking for a convenient, delicious, and affordable meal.

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