How to Become Master of Your Data with Microsoft SQL For Only $40

How to Become Master of Your Data with Microsoft SQL For Only $40

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Data is essential for business. No matter how large their company, entrepreneurs can use data to gain valuable insights about their customers and business. Not all data sources are equal and not all data are as useful as you would like. It’s important to be familiar with tools such as Microsoft SQL.


SQL, a special programming language, is used to manage data in relational database management system. It makes it easier to retrieve, organize, manage, and use data more efficiently for your goals. If you’re struggling with your data, it’s time to delve into The 2023 Professional Microsoft SQL Database Development Bundle. This eight-course bundle has a 4.0/5 star instructor rating. Packt has published more than 4,000 e-books and videos to date, helping IT professionals and newbies alike learn the actionable knowledge they need to thrive in a competitive space. This bundle is for beginners. You’ll learn the difference between the query language and databases, understand SQL Server structure, and learn how to insert and delete values in a table using SQL Statements. You’ll also learn how to use SQL to market your business by writing SQL statements to select data, and how to aggregate data to perform functions such as counting.

As you become more familiar with SQL, you will be able to create applications that use SQL, understand modern web development with MySQL or Heroku, and many other things. You can also find courses on SQL in the cloud, PostgreSQL and many other topics.

Work with data like a professional. Right now, you can get The 2023 Professional Microsoft SQL Database Development Bundle on sale for a limited time for just $40. Prices subject to change.

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