How To Make Smarter Safer Investments in the Stock Market

How To Make Smarter Safer Investments in the Stock Market

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One of many essential aspects of entrepreneurship involves creating wealth for yourself and your family outside of your business. There is danger in letting all your personal capital be tied up in your business. Instead, invest smartly to ensure that your business grows over time.


You might think the stock market isn’t appealing right now, but it’s actually quite the opposite. There are ways to weather the stock markets downturn ,. Tykr Stock Screener can help you turn the dip into an opportunity.

Tykr aims to take all the guesswork out investing . This intuitive app can be used as both a stock screener or education platform. It will help you reduce risk and make it easy to invest with confidence and manage your investments well. All this while beating inflation. You can easily find great investments within 30 seconds, with information available for more than 30,000 US and international stocks, all updated in real-time.

Tykr will help you learn the basics of investing and give you specific recommendations on companies worth buying or selling based on a variety factors used by professional traders.

It’s very simple. Each stock will have a Summary that will indicate whether it is On Sale (potential buyer), Watch (potential seller), or Overpriced. These labels are based on the work Tykr does to analyze each stock. All of this information is open-source and you can view Tykr’s logic. Then, each stock is given a score, with a maximum of 20. The higher the score, you are more secure investing. To maximize your ROI and protect investments, calculate the Margin Of Safety (MOS).

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