How to Start a Huntington Learning Center Franchise in 2022

How to Start a Huntington Learning Center Franchise in 2022

What is the Huntington Learning Center franchise story about?

Huntington Learning Center is the top-performing franchise in the tutoring industry. Founded in 1977 by Ray and Eileen Huntington, Huntington Learning Center offers individualized in-person and online tutoring programs for K-12 students nationwide. With approximately 300 locations across the United States, Huntington’s business model is based on two key pillars: helping students achieve world-class results and maximizing franchisee profitability. Huntington Learning Center is the best-performing franchise in tutoring because of its dedication to these two areas.

At Huntington Learning Center, our primary goal is to give every student the best education possible – and we’re proud to say that we’ve helped over a million students gain the confidence and skills that they need to do well in school. In fact, on average, our tutoring students increase over two grade levels in reading and math with just 50 hours of tutoring, and our test prep students see an average increase of 5.4 points on the ACT and 229 points on the SAT. Each of our students receive, on average, $71,000 worth of scholarship offers each year – that’s over $187 million in scholarship offers collectively. Huntington Learning Center is a business model that focuses on helping students achieve top-quality results through personalized instruction. Huntington Learning Center is a brand that is passionately about student success and franchisee profitability. It has a track record that makes a difference.

The popularity of the Huntington Learning Center franchise opportunity is evident in the brand’s overall ranking of 122nd on this year’s Entrepreneur Magazine Franchise 500 list. This ranking is the 10th consecutive year that Huntington Learning Center has landed on this prestigious annual list. In addition to being named to the Entrepreneur Franchise 500, Huntington Learning Center has garnered countless awards over the years for our dedication to our franchisees as well as the families that we serve, including being named a “Top Low Cost Franchise” by Franchise Business Review, a Franchise Times‘ “Top 200 organization,” a Franchise Journal “Top Brand,” and one of Franchise Dictionary’s “2020 Game Changers. How much does a Huntington Learning Center franchise costs?

To open a Huntington Learning Center franchise of your own, here are the financial requirements, cash required, and ongoing franchise fees associated with business ownership:

Initial franchise fee: $36,000

Initial investment: $148,017 – $263,072

Net worth requirement: $200,000

Cash requirement: $65,000

Veteran incentives: 25% off first-unit franchise fee

Royalty fee: 9.5%

Ad royalty fee: 2%

Term of agreement: 10 years

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Huntington Learning Center does offer in-house financing to cover the following: franchise fee, startup costs, equipment, inventory, accounts receivable, and payroll. A Huntington Learning Center franchise allows you to invest in a business that can make the world a better place by providing education. Huntington Learning Center has helped hundreds upon thousands of franchisees achieve their dreams of owning a business that is meaningful. In the process, franchise owners have helped thousands upon countless students. Your franchise fee for the Huntington Learning Center’s first location grants you access to the best training and support programs in the industry. Our continued investment in our support infrastructure is responsible for our long-standing success as franchisors. We support every franchise owner in every aspect and leave no stone unturned.

What do Huntington Learning Center franchisees do?

Huntington Learning Center embraces two values that drive everything we do: student tutoring success and franchisee profitability. Huntington Learning Center is more successful than the rest because our franchisees know that helping students succeed is key to success. Huntington Learning Center is actually the No. Huntington Learning Center is the No. 1 tutoring franchise that generates revenue. Our average franchise center 2019 revenue is 36% higher than that of the competition*, and we’ve experienced double-digit growth for eight consecutive years–and there’s no sign of it slowing down anytime soon. We are guided by our values and ensure that all franchise owners share them. This is the only way to ensure our brand remains at the forefront in our industry. Why invest in a Huntington Learning Center Franchise?

In the wake of the pandemic, millions of students are behind and the demand for tutoring is skyrocketing. The COVID-19 pandemic created a crisis in education that our society has never experienced before. Millions of students have been negatively affected by the closure of schools and the transition from traditional learning to virtual. Parents are understandably concerned for the wellbeing of their children, and students of all ages. According to the Education Trust, nine out of 10 parents say that they’re worried about their children falling behind due to coronavirus-related school closures, and eight out of 10 say that their children are experiencing heightened stress levels.

News outlets across California, Texas, Florida, and other states report that students are falling through cracks, scores are dropping and engagement levels are at an all-time low, and that teachers are struggling to adapt to the new normal. USA Today published an article entitled, “Students are falling behind in online school. Where’s the COVID-19 ‘disaster plan’ to catch them up?” The article details how dire the situation across the country. According to the outlet, parents are worried about their children falling behind and don’t know how to fix it. They are looking for leadership. They are looking for leadership. For thousands of students every day, Huntington Learning Center is the “disaster plan to catch them up,” and we couldn’t be more prepared to meet this crisis head on.

Huntington Learning Center is committed to empowering students to unlock their full potential and reach their academic goals. Whether it’s K-12 tutoring, sharpening study skills or test prep for college entrance exams or state standardized tests, we’re able to tailor personalized plans that accelerate students’ abilities and improve their scores by focusing on individual student needs. We begin by giving each student an Academic Evaluation. This identifies their academic strengths and weaknesses. From there, we decide the best course of action. This makes us stand out in an industry that often applies a one-size fits all approach. Huntington Learning Center treats every student as an individual. Huntington Learning Center is not like other tutoring franchises that cut corners. We adhere to high standards of quality instruction and have teacher certifications and accreditations. Parents can be confident that their children will be in good hands when they send them to us.

Parents send children to us to improve their grades, test prep, scores, and scores such as the SAT and ACT, and to help them build self-confidence. Parents grade us in this day and age! We’re proud to say that 98% of Huntington Learning Center parents would refer us to friends and family. In the classroom, 98% is an A ! This high rating is a testimony to the value we provide to our students. Since 1977, individuals who own a Huntington Learning Center franchise have helped over a million students. Many of these students were accepted to their dream schools and reached their full potential. We are proud to offer millions of dollars in college scholarships to our students.

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*Data are based on each company’s Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD) for all franchise centers open in 2019, except for Kumon, which are for centers open at least three years; and Sylvan, which are for centers open at least 24 months. Kumon reports in its 2021 FDD that its average franchised center open at least 36 months had 150 subject-students. We calculated the monthly fee for a subject-student using our web search for the phrase “How much does Kumon pay a parent?”. We used the average of the high estimates, $145 per month per single subject. We estimated the registration fee of $50 and materials fee of $30 from this web search; and we estimate that half of a center’s enrollees pay these fees.

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