It’s Not Just You: T-Mobile Appears to be Down for Customers All Over East Coast

It's Not Just You: T-Mobile Appears to be Down for Customers All Over East Coast thumbnail

It can be difficult to get back to work after a long holiday weekend. But, waking up to find that your internet and cellular services are not working can be a panic-inducing experience.

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This was Tuesday’s sad reality for many T-Mobile customers.

Is T-Mobile down?

T-Mobile customers along the East Coast appear to be experiencing widespread outages.

According to Down Detector, reports of issues with the cellular service provider peaked just before 1 p.m. on Tuesday with over 4,500 customers reporting that they were having issues with mobile internet, sending and receiving text messages and sending and receiving phone calls.

By around 3: 45 pm, the number of customers reporting issues had dropped to around 650.

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T Mobile was also trending on Twitter Tuesday afternoon. Many users turned to the social media platform for help when they were having similar problems.

Is anyone else having issues with their @TMobile service right now

— RWells27 (@Randywe25) May 31, 2022

Imma go ahead and assume there is another @TMobile outage. My texts keep coming back.

— TDove (@dovetish) May 31, 2022

@TMobile please fix your servers, literally spent 2-3 hours without internet

— Pluto (@PlutoXIX) May 31, 2022

Is TMobile down in NYC No calls or texts…

— iamwaynegilbert (@iamwaynegilbert) May 31, 2022

T-Mobile confirmed the outage via email to Entrepreneur.

” A commercial power outage that occurred earlier today caused intermittent impacts to voice calls, data, and messaging in some parts of the Northeast,” the company stated in a statement. “Our teams will continue to work on full service restoration. “

Just last week a major outage hit T-Mobile users when many were receiving error messages that said “LG IMS has stopped,” primarily affecting LG phones on the T-Mobile network, essentially shutting down service for users using certain phones on the network.

The error was fixed after Reddit users explained how to change their phone settings to fix it.

T-Mobile was down around 6% year over year near market close on Tuesday.

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