James Cameron Wants to End Debate over Jack’s Death in ‘Titanic’

James Cameron Wants to End Debate over Jack’s Death in ‘Titanic’

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Since James Cameron’s Titanic Premiered 25 years ago, one scene has been the topic of heated debate: the demise Leonardo DiCaprio’s floppy-haired genius, Jack Dawson.

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Fans of Jack and movie buffs have always maintained that Jack didn’t have to die. He could have fit on the floating door that saved Kate Winslet’s unhappy, Rose DeWitt Bukater, his love interest. Cameron, who wrote the screenplay, is trying to end the debate.

Interview for the premiere Avatar: The Way of Water Published By the Toronto SunCameron indicated that he is putting aside all the arguments over Jack’s passing with a documentary.

He said, “We have done a scientific research to put this whole issue to rest and drive an stake through its heart once for all.”

Cameron continued:

“We have done a thorough forensic investigation with a hypothermia specialist who reproduced the movie’s raft and we’re going do a little special on that. It will be out in February. We took two stunt men who were equal in body mass to Leo and Kate. We placed sensors inside them and put them in ice water. We tested to see if they could have survived. Only one survived.

When asked if he regrets the killing, he replied: DiCaprioCameron denied Jack’s character and said that Jack “needed” to die.

Cameron said Titanic “A movie about love, sacrifice, and death.” The sacrifice is what measures the love.

Titanic According to reports, the movie will be released in 4K on February 25, which coincides with the 25th anniversary of its release. Cameron will also be making his case for Jack’s murder in a parallel screening. National Geographic Nat Geo TV will likely release the documentary.

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