‘John Wick’, ‘Sonic’ Creatives Partner for Banner Story Kitchen

‘John Wick’, ‘Sonic’ Creatives Partner for Banner Story Kitchen

Derek Kolstad, writer-creator of John Wick franchise and Sonic producer Dmitri Johnson, and Mike Goldberg, former APA partner, have joined forces to create Story Kitchen.

The shingle will be focused on potential franchise opportunities. The trio said in a joint statement that they had spent years working together and admired one another’s storytelling skills, energy, and ideas. They came to the same conclusion: We needed to unite to make the best franchises and worlds possible.

Howard Bliss, Tim Stevenson, and Dan Jevons, who were previously part of Johnson’s DJ2, will be joining the company in senior leadership positions.

APA will rep Story Kitchen along with Abrahams & Sheppard, Behr Abramson and Behr Abramson.

“Derek, Dmitri and Mike have figured out how to create, popularize and expand the modern franchise across multiple channels. Their best is yet ahead, so naturally, we are thrilled to represent Story Kitchen on their journey, which will be historic!” stated Jim Osborne, president of APA, and Kyle Loftus, head of content development. (APA expects Goldberg’s clients to stay. )

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