‘Joker’ Sequel Has a Script, Reveals Director Todd Phillips

‘Joker’ Sequel Has a Script, Reveals Director Todd Phillips thumbnail

The team behind Joker is ready to laugh it up once again, with filmmaker Todd Phillips officially confirming he has completed a script for a sequel to his Oscar-winning 2019 film.

Phillips has shared a cover page for the script, which was co-written by Joker collaborator Scott Silver. Also included is a photo of star Joaquin Phoenix , who was seen reading its pages. Phillips also revealed that the working title was Joker – Folie a deux , a reference to a term used in medicine to describe a mental disorder that affects more than one person.

Phoenix won a best actor Oscar. He played the role of Arthur Fleck (a troubled man who becomes a folk villain type character by the end). Joker made $1. 07 billion globally, a staggering sum for a film that had a relatively modest budget by comic book movie standards. In all, Joker received 11 Oscar nominations, with composer Hildur Gudnadottir winning for best score in addition to Phoenix’s win. Joker was praised for being more like a Martin Scorsese film than an animated comic book movie. However, it did have some tie-ins with comic books, including the inclusions of a young Bruce Wayne.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news in 2019 that Phillips would return to write a Joker sequel, and last week reported that the filmmaker may serve as an advisor of some sort on future DC projects for Warner Bros.

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