Jonathan Bennett Wants to Reunite With Lindsay Lohan for a Christmas Movie

Jonathan Bennett Wants to Reunite With Lindsay Lohan for a Christmas Movie

It might not be Oct. 3, but Jonathan Bennett believes it would be so fetch for a Mean girls reunion to Lindsay Lohan . Recently, the actor stated that it was his “dream” to once again star alongside Lohan.

Bennett said that his dream was to make a Christmas movie with Lindsay Lohan and to reconnect with him for the holidays. “I think it’d be so much fun!” Bennett even suggested that he would love to recreate an iconic scene from the film with his co-star: “I would totally do “Jingle Bell Rock” in the movie.”

While Bennett didn’t mention his thoughts on a Mean Girls sequel, Lohan recently told Jimmy Fallon that she would be up for it, but that it was “in Tina Fey’s hands.” And that isn’t the first time Lohan has expressed interest in possibly revisiting Cady Heron again.

In an interview with David Spade in 2020, Lohan said that she was “hanging on to [Mean Girls] for a really long” time. Lohan said that she wanted to return with a Mean Girls cast, work with Tina [Fey], the entire crew, and [Mean Girls director] Mark Waters. It was exactly what I wanted, and I was thrilled to do that. But .”

that’s up to them.

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After a long hiatus, Lohan has recently returned to acting. Her last studio films came out in 2007, with Universal’s Georgia Rule and Sony’s I Know Who Killed Me. The actress has a three-picture deal now with Netflix. The first, Falling For Christmas , recently hit the streamer. The second project, Irish Wish , is currently in postproduction.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Lohan said she was having “a wonderful time working with Netflix” and is discussing next steps with the company, adding, “I would love to dive deeper and play a character who’s on a journey [of] self-discovery.”

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