Leaked Southwest Airlines Memo Asks HQ Employees to Help Get Flights on Track

Leaked Southwest Airlines Memo Asks HQ Employees to Help Get Flights on Track

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Southwest Airlines is so determined to fix its corporate ship, it has enlisted Dallas HQ employees to volunteer their time in scheduling crew shifts.


Southwest Airlines passenger planes at the Portland International Airport (PDX) terminal

Citing A leaked memo Business Insider reported on Wednesday that the eight-hour shifts would last around the clock and last for eight hours. The airline wants employees to make a temporary change and take a break.

Southwest Insider was told by a spokesperson that additional employees are helping. The memo did not mention any additional pay for those answering the call.

Crew scheduling is a new field that requires extensive training for new hires. Training. The memo stated that untrained corporate employees would receive training using a “train-the-trainer” approach. This basically means that they would shadow schedulers to learn the ropes. Crew schedulers manage logistics to ensure Southwest flights have properly scheduled cabin crew members who are familiar with their flight assignments.

The airline’s request for volunteers to schedule flights appears to be related. It was disastrous Christmas weekend. More than 9,000 domestic flights were cancelled between Sunday and Wednesday due to a “once-in-a-generation” winter storm.

Insider reported that the storm wasn’t all to blame. Southwest is still running. Software out of dateHowever, a Southwest rep said that a system upgrade could be in the near future. According to the rep, Southwest will be in a “desired” state that has automation that can efficiently and quickly handle crew reassignments.

The Wednesday evening of the New York Times reported The airline stated that more than 2,300 Thursday flights had been canceled and that it could take days before normal service resumes.

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