Lizzo Gets Candid About the Stigma of Pop Music: “Genre’s Racist Inherently”

Lizzo Gets Candid About the Stigma of Pop Music: “Genre’s Racist Inherently”

Lizzo has recently spoken out about the stigma associated with pop music ,, explaining the differences between pop and race music and how it was used to segregate Black musicians.

“Genre’s racist inherently,” the Emmy-winning artist told Entertainment Weekly. “I think people would be able to see that there was music of race and pop music if they did some research.” They used race music to keep Black artists out of mainstream music because they didn’t want their children listening to music made by Black and brown people.

She explained that genres were almost code words, as was the case with R&B. This eventually led to hip-hop and rap.

“I think that pop is when you think of MTV in the s talking to ‘We cannot play rap music’ or ‘We don’t have the platform for this person because we’re thinking about the middle American think’ — and we all know the code for that,” Lizzo said.

Pop is now a “well-oiled machine,” but Lizzo pointed out that it’s important not to forget that it has a “racist source.” Lizzo said that she finds it “so cool that hip-hop artists and rap artists have made it into pop music. She added that “rap is the boss.”

The artist also spoke out about the backlash she’s received from people claiming she and her music weren’t Black enough. She explained that people need to get to know her.

Lizzo stated, “I think any new thing, people will criticize it and feel that it’s not for themselves.” “But once it becomes second nature, it may be right for you. People who don’t like pop or Black artists making pop music may like me. You missing out.”

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