Marc Benioff Tells Salesforce Employees New Hires Are Less Productive

Marc Benioff Tells Salesforce Employees New Hires Are Less Productive

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In a Slack message sent to employees Friday, co-CEO Salesforce Marc Benioff stated that the company’s new hires were not productive enough and asked why.

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Benioff “Are we not building tribe knowledge with new employees, without an office culture?” in a message reported CNBC. Benioff reportedly tried to soften the intensity of the question with a joke “asking for friends” smiley angel emoticon.

CNBC reports that Benioff stressed that it was “an issue” that was affecting Salesforce employees this year and last. It was evident that the productivity issue could be partially related to remote work, which has become more common because of the internet. COVID-19 pandemic.

CNBC received a statement from Salesforce stating that the company has a “hybrid work environment that empowers leaders as well as teams to work together with purpose.” They have the freedom to choose when and where they meet together to collaborate, invent, and help customers succeed.

CNBC notes that Salesforce, like many other companies, has been dealing with a weakening market. Also, CNBC points out departures of C-Suite executives such as the imminent departure Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield.

According to reports, Benioff’s message received many positive responses. He was still unhappy that the message became public. He said that he hoped employees would agree that it was disappointing that their private conversations were almost immediately made public.

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