Mark Strong Signs on as Bremont Watches’ New Ambassador

Mark Strong Signs on as Bremont Watches’ New Ambassador

TAG Heuer , Bradley Cooper, for Louis Vuitton’s Tambour watchpiece , Gisele Bundchen (IWC), and Jennifer Lawrence (Longines .) are some of the ambassadors for status watch brands. In October, British-based Bremont announced its newest face, Mark Strong, in conjunction with the release of the brand’s Supernova, an integrated bracelet watch. The London-born actor known for his roles in 1917 and Kingsman: The Secret Service (which featured Bremont timepieces) spoke exclusively with THR about his love of watches and his new gig.

What’s your earliest memory of a watch that turned you into a fan?

Bremont’s 40mm Supernova in stainless steel; $8,995,

Bremont’s 40mm Supernova in stainless steel; $8,995,


Since I was a child, I have loved watches. I got my first electronic Casiotron watch as a gift. It seems very Space Age to me today. The beauty of a watch face, the accuracy and visibility of a quality timepiece are the reasons I love watches.

Before you got to know Bremont through Kingsman, which style of watches caught your eye?

I was always conscious of watches from the “famous brands”, the ones that are common, expensive, and difficult to find. My tastes were varied. I was drawn to elegance and quality, but I also liked diving watches and sports watches. So if a watch face was classic and interesting, it was likely to be my choice. Nothing too bulky, clunky, or busy.

Bremont Longitude - Watch

The Bremont Longitude watch.

Courtesy of Bremont

How has Bremont made you a more passionate watch nerd?

It was fascinating to visit Bremont’s Henley-on-Thames factory, also known as “The Wing”, and see the machinery used to make their watches. I was also fascinated by the fact that almost every piece is made in that factory. The precision and delicacy of parts being created and assembled was something that I was interested in. I only discovered this when I visited The Wing and spoke with Nick and Giles English, [Bremont cofounders].

What’s the watch you’re reaching for most these days?

My favorite at the moment is the Bremont Longitude, which has some of the original Flamsteed Meridian Line from the Greenwich Observatory built into it and features new Bremont engineering, all made in the U.K. It’s just a beautiful thing to wear and has a wonderful feature: a red dot appears in the power reserve window and fills up as the watch is fully wound, to mimic the red ball at the top of the Greenwich Observatory.

How might the British roots of the brand resonate with you?

It’s a great feeling to know that my watch was made in Britain. It makes me feel proud to know that it was designed, crafted, and manufactured in the U.K.

Mark Strong - Watch Ambassador - Bremont Watches

Mark Strong wearing the Bremont Supernova

Courtesy of Bremont

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