Maxi Jazz, Lead Singer for British Band Faithless, Dies at 65

Maxi Jazz, Lead Singer for British Band Faithless, Dies at 65

Maxi Jazz, a DJ, and the lead singer of the electronic British band Faithless has passed away. He was 65.

Jazz, whose real name is Maxwell Fraser, was killed Friday, the band announced in a Facebook post. Post Saturday. Saturday TweetSister Bliss, Jazz’s Faithless bandmate, said Jazz died peacefully in his sleep. The cause of his death was not disclosed.

The Facebook post reads, “He was a men who changed our lives so many ways,” and was signed by Bliss as well as Rollo Armstrong, their bandmate. “He gave our music the right meaning and message. He was also a wonderful human being, with time for everyone and a wisdom both profound and accessible. It was an honor and a pleasure to work alongside him.”

They called him “a brilliantly lyricist and a DJ, as well as a Buddhist, a remarkable stage presence, car lover. Infinitely talkable, beautiful person, moral compass, and genius.”

Faithless was well-known for songs like 1995’s Insomnia and 2001’s We Come 1; Jazz was the leader of the group from 1995 to 2011, when it disbanded, and again between 2015-16. He then formed his own band, Maxi Jazz and The E-Type Boys.

Jazz was born in London on June 14, 1957. He started his career as a DJ on British pirate radio, and later founded The Soul Food Cafe System.

He formed Faithless with Armstrong Bliss, Jamie Cotto and Jamie Cotto.

Maxi Jazz 1957 – 2022. We are deeply sorry to report that Maxi passed away peacefully last night. We send our love to everyone who has been part of our musical journey. Take care of each other, y’hear.

— sister bliss (@thesisterbliss) December 24, 2022

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