Netflix Sets Live-Action Film Adaptation of Classic Manga ‘City Hunter’ (Exclusive)

Netflix Sets Live-Action Film Adaptation of Classic Manga ‘City Hunter’ (Exclusive)

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Another boost to its expanding Japanese content is the addition of Netflix A live-action movie adaptation has been approved by the Japanese government manga City Hunter. Ryohei Suzuki, a Japanese leader, is (Tokyo MER, Segodon) has signed up to star in the iconic role Ryo Saeba with Yuichi Sato (Kisaragi, Strawberry Nights And The End of the Tiny World) Onboard to Direct

Created by manga artist Tsukasa Hojo, City Hunter It was a staple in Japanese pop culture during the 1980s and sold over 50 million copies worldwide. The franchise was adapted into a number of feature-length films, including one starring Jackie Chan in Hong Kong, France, and China. However, this is the first time that the property will be adapted in live action in Japan.

Netflix describes the project “a modern-day version of the manga set in the bustling streets and Shinjuku.” The streaming service has set a 2024 launch date for the film.

“When Ryo’s partner Makimura dies,” the longline continues, “he and Makimura’s sister Kaori team together to discover the truth, thus forming an entirely new duo.”

Tatsuro Mishima wrote the screenplay for the adaptation. He also scripted several episodes of Netflix’s Japanese original series. Yu Yu Hakusho.

Suzuki states that the adaptation will “aim for the right balance between fantasy and realism, as well tones from the 80s or today.” He also points out the pressure of taking on such an iconic role.

Suzuki states, “I am thrilled to play Ryo Saeba” and feels a great deal responsibility to portray this iconic character created by Tsukasa. “I can’t wait for existing fans and newcomers to fall in love Ryo Saeba’s fun, action-packed adventures through modern-day Tokyo.

Hojo claims that the Japanese adaptation of the movie, which Netflix unveiled Thursday, has been in development for over a decade. “I always hoped that the lead would be played a person who I really liked.” City Hunter “Thanks to Ryohei for his unwavering passion, it has finally come,” he says. “Thanks to the dedicated cast, I’m looking forward the title being shown on screen with a fresh, realistic perspective that’s not strictly tied to the original manga.

Shinichi Takahashi serves as the project’s sole executive producer. Keisuke Sanpei, Kosuke Okada, and Kosuke Ohshida also produce. Netflix will produce the film in partnership to Tokyo-based production companies Horipro, Office Shirous and Tokyo-based production company Office Shirous.

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