Noah Schnapp Comes Out as Gay

Noah Schnapp Comes Out as Gay

Stranger Things Star Noah Schnapp Has come out as gay.

Schnapp Shared a video His TikTok read, “When my friends and family finally told me that I was gay after being afraid in the closet for 18-years and all they could say was ‘we know. The TikTok was then set to audio that said, “You know what it never wasn’t? That’s serious. It was never so serious. It will never be so serious, quite frankly.”

The actor portrays Will Byers, a closeted gay character. The hit Netflix sci-fi series. Will secretly loves his best friend Mike (Finn Wolfhard). Schnapp refers to Will’s sexuality through the TikTok caption and writes, “I guess that I’m more like Will than I thought.”

Will’s sexuality was a question Stranger Things Fans were there throughout the series, especially when Mike said to his friend, in the heat of an argument: “It’s no fault you don’t love girls.” Schnapp was not forthcoming on the matter.

Schnapp was able to open his doors to the public when season four, volume 1, was released on Netflix. People How viewers would view Will differently in the current season.

“I feel like people are used seeing him fighting a monster, or dealing with the supernatural side of things. Stranger Things,” He said. “But this season, it is just more about his personal struggles, and struggles with identity, and I think that it’s interesting to the audience to see that.”

In the penultimate episode, volume 2, of season four, Will has an emotional moment and professes his love for Mike. However, he pretends that he is speaking from Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown’s) perspective, and not his. Mike hears El tell Mike she feels lost without Mike and that she feels different to other people. He never points out that he is actually talking about himself.

Will tells his friend “El needs Mike,” before he turns around and looks in the mirror, crying. “She always will.”

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