Prince Harry & Meghan Attack Tabloids and Paparazzi in Netflix Doc Series: “They Are Destroying Us”

Prince Harry & Meghan Attack Tabloids and Paparazzi in Netflix Doc Series: “They Are Destroying Us”

“The institution knows the full truth,” Prince Harry says early on in documentary series Harry & Meghan, the first three installments of which were released on Netflix on Thursday.

The Duke of Sussex outlines the task ahead in the first episode. The six-part series, which will air on streaming giant Netflix, promises a deep dive into the couple’s early romance and subsequent separation from the royal family.

Although the expectations were high for what the documentary might reveal, viewers are not informed about anything new in the first three episodes. Viewers are guided through a personal retelling of Meghan’s great love story with her husband. This includes their first meeting through a mutual friend in 2016. She also revealed that Meghan had vetted Prince’s Instagram account. They also discuss media harassment around the world and their time navigating a long distance relationship before their fairy tale wedding at Windsor Castle, May 2018..

Harry and Meghan were left exposed after the notoriously tight lid that protected the Crown’s familial turmoil was opened. The British tabloids gave the former actress a hostile reception. “They are destroying us,” Meghan says of being hounded by paparazzi, who would sleep in cars outside of her house and attempt to break onto the set of legal drama Suits, on which she starred as Rachel Zane.

Harry describes to Meghan how U.K. tabloids exaggerate information and create bloated versions off-the-cuff comments about the royal family. He also mentions how they use the title of “Royal correspondent” to give their claims “extra credibility.” “I know there will be people who disagree with my actions and my methods, but I was aware that I had to do everything possible to protect my family, especially after the events that happened to my Mum (Princess Diana). I didn’t want history repeating itself.”

According to the Palace, the Palace believed that the constant hostility and media attention was a part of the journey when you join the most famous family in the world. “Members of my family were like, “My wife had to go through this so why should your girlfriend get any different?”

He doesn’t reveal which family members suggested Harry and Meghan were entitled to “special protection.” However, the two maintain that racism was at work in the media attention Meghan received early in their courtship. This included headlines like “Harry’s new girl (Almost) Straight Outta Compton

“Who would have thought that Britain could have a Black princess?” David Olusoga tells the camera. Olusoga is the author of Black, and British ,. The episodes focus on the royal family’s connections with the British empire’s history and legacy, as well as the celebrations of Britain’s colonial power as well as its exploitation of people of colour. Meghan says that people don’t talk about the difficulties of being mixed race when they are growing up.

Harry said that there can be a temptation to marry someone who fits the mold, rather than someone you are destined to be with. He also spoke out about members of the royal family, particularly the men.

The documentary also shows the death of Princess Diana when Harry was just 12,. It also features clips of the beloved Princess confronting paparazzi as she and her sons went on a skiing vacation. Harry stated that he was his mother’s son when it came to making decisions with his heart. “I saw things, experienced things, and I learned things — the pain, suffering, and marriage of women into this institution. I still remember thinking, “How can I ever find someone willing and capable of enduring all the baggage that comes along with being with me?” ‘”

Meghan candidly relates the moment she met William and Kate for the first time. She was wearing ripped jeans and was barefoot when she said she welcomed Harry and the Princess of Wales to dinner. She says, “I was a hugger. Always been a hugger.” “I didn’t realize this was really jarring ….for a lot Brits The formality of the outside was reflected on the inside. It was quite surprising to me.”

The documentary also discusses high-profile stories Harry and Meghan have fought with. Harry was pictured wearing a Nazi uniform 2005, while Meghan’s father Thomas Markle was reportedly using tabloid money to stage photos just a few days before their wedding. She says that Harry and William shared a joint press office at the time.

The three episodes also show input from friends of the husband-and-wife duo, including Abigail Spencer, a co-star of Markle’s on Suits; Meghan’s mother Doria; producer and director Silver Tree; Meghan’s former agent Nick Collins; James Holt, executive director of the Archewell Foundation; and various close friends of the pair. The series is part of a multiyear agreement the couple made with Netflix to produce content through their non-profit organization Archewell’s media arm. It was produced by Story Syndicate and Archewell Productions, as well as Diamond Docs.

The remaining three episodes Harry & Meghan will air on Netflix Dec. 15.

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