Queen Guitarist Brian May Among Artists, Leaders and More on Top U.K. Honors List

Queen Guitarist Brian May Among Artists, Leaders and More on Top U.K. Honors List

Queen guitarist Brian May Among artists, designers, community leaders, and members of England’s women’s soccer team on The The U.K.’s New Years Honors List.

The Friday list, which included more than 1,100 people, was announced Friday and was the first to have King Charles III sign off on it. Associated Press reported. The country’s annual tradition of naming the list honors people’s achievements and their service.

May was knighted for his charitable work and music services. The former Queen guitarist, who also holds an astrophysics doctorate, responded to the recognition by saying, “I will not regard the knighthood as a reward but more like a charge — A commission — for me continue to fight justice — to be the voice for those who are silent.” I will strive to be worthy — that Knight in Shining Armour.

The Associated Press reported that Mary Quant (a 92-year old designer who is best known for creating the miniskirt in the 1960s) was honored for her contributions to fashion. Seven years after her design work was recognized, she was awarded the Order of the Companions of Honor.

Grayson Perry, an artist, was knighted in recognition of his services to the arts. Diplomats from the United Kingdom were also honored for their contributions to shaping the country’s response towards the war in Ukraine.

According to the AP half of this year’s honors went for women. Some of them were part of the England soccer team which won the 2022 Women’s European Championship. Captain Leah Williamson was awarded an OBE, while her teammates Lucy Bronze, Beth Mead, and Ellen White were all given MBEs.

People who campaigned for climate change and youth engagement, and fighting discrimination were also honored.

Nominations for the top honors go to the Cabinet Office of the government before being reviewed by a committee. The nominations are then sent to the prime minister or the monarch for approval.

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