Rainn Wilson “changes” his name to raise awareness for climate change

Rainn Wilson “changes” his name to raise awareness for climate change

Describing the move as a “cheap ploy”, Rainn Wilson, actor, introduced himself on Thursday with a new name: “Rainnfall Wave Rising Sea Levels Wilson” to raise awareness about climate change.

A video was posted by Arctic Basecamp, an environmental advocacy group. It discusses the global impacts of weather shifts on the Arctic.

“What happens to the Arctic doesn’t stay there,” Wilson stated in his video. “As the polar caps begin to melt, it increases risks around the globe, including extreme weather events that can affect everyone. “

Join me @ @ArcticBasecamp in bringing attention to the melting issue. We need world leaders to take action at COP 27! The Arctic is melting at millions of Liters per Second, but this problem cannot seem to make a name. So we’ll name it.
Go to link in bio pic.twitter.com/TgEG84fOmQ

— RainnWilson (@rainnwilson) November 9, 2022

Wilson said changing his name, and asking others to follow suit, would help to raise awareness of these dangers, especially as world leaders have gathered in Egypt for the COP27 international climate change conference.

“As an inexpensive little stunt to save the planet Earth, I changed my name on Twitter and Instagram, as well as on my fancy writing paper,” he joked. “I’m an Arctic Risk Name Changer which is going to make a big difference. “

Wilson tweeted that he was not actually able to change his name on Twitter, however, because of the temporary restriction on name changes for verified accounts, implemented by new Twitter owner Elon Musk.

The sitcom star also tweeted that if enough people changed their names, they would get the attention of world leaders at COP27.

“If enough of us do this, then maybe @cop27_egypt will be where our world leaders sit up and notice Arctic risks and introduce a solution,” he wrote.

Wilson already made a list of new names to his fellow celebrities such as “Cardi The Arctic B Melting,” and “Amy Poehler Bears are Endangered.” Ford. “

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