Robert A. Fishman to Receive DGA Lifetime Achievement Award

Robert A. Fishman to Receive DGA Lifetime Achievement Award

The Directors Guild of America announced Tuesday that Robert A. Fishman would be receiving one of its highest honors at the 75th Annual. DGA Awards. At the guild’s February 18 awards ceremony, the lifetime achievement award will be presented to the televised sports director for outstanding achievement in television direction.

“The DGA is delighted to recognize Bob Fishman’s unparalleled contributions to the direction and production of live sporting events over a 50-year history,” said Lesli Linka Glatter, President of DGA. “From the Daytona 500’s first live coverage to Tanya Harding’s broken lace drama at 1994 Olympics to this year’s NCAA Final Four, Bob has been the ultimate storyteller in live sport, directing across all possible spheres.

Glatter said, “Bob’s mantra was, ‘Don’t miss the live action.’ He brought the action and the stories behind it to life in ways that have influenced his peers as well as generations of sports fans. Bob brought his unique magic to every sport he was involved in, whether it was baseball, basketball, tennis or auto racing. He also shared his commitment to capturing the ‘true emotion’ of his frames and sharing it with viewers across the country. We are extremely proud to award Bob this lifetime achievement in television for his unique work that combines storytelling, live action and television.

Fishman joined CBS as a production assistant in 1972 and was promoted to associate director in 1973. He was 23 when he was appointed to direct the CBS program. CBS Morning News After the death of the lead director, segments were created for Apollo 17’s launch. He was appointed to direct CBS Sports in 1976. The NFL TodayHe began his five-decade career in televised sport.

He has been a CBS Sports director for 39 NCAA Final Fours, 27 U.S. Open tennis champions, 21 Daytona 500s and two World Series. He also managed numerous NFL and NBA playoffs. He has been nominated and won 16 Emmys, and was previously awarded three DGA Awards by the DGA for outstanding direction in sports.

Fishman was inducted into Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame in 2019. He stated that he has one goal as a director: “To capture emotional moments.” For me, directing is about capturing moments that are true emotion.

The 75th Annual DGA Awards will be held at the Beverly Hilton on February 18, 2023.

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