Ryan Seacrest Backs CNN Limiting New Year’s Eve Booze After Last Year’s Insult

Ryan Seacrest Backs CNN Limiting New Year’s Eve Booze After Last Year’s Insult

Ryan Seacrest It is fully in support CNN Limiting alcohol consumption during the year-end broadcast

The host of ABC‘s Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve Submitted Entertainment Weekly In Interview Published online Tuesday: CNN’s anchors and correspondents have stopped drinking during New Year’s Eve programming. This is a good decision. CNN’s New Year’s Eve LiveThat Dec. 31, 2021, co-host Andy Cohen made a crack to Anderson Cooper Seacrest’s Show.

Seacrest stated, “I don’t advocate drinking when one’s on the air.” Seacrest said, “I don’t know how this started as a tradition but it’s probably a good idea.” [to scale back], CNN. There are some very respectable people. Or at least one. It’s possible to have fun with both a serious journalist or a friend of mine. Although viewers may wish they drank more.

Seacrest continued to refer to last year’s controversial moment in which Cohen, who was drinking alcohol with Cooper throughout the broadcast, noticed that Journey was performing on ABC in their current lineup, which no longer includes Steve Perry. Cohen called the show’s guests “Ryan Seacrest Group of Losers” and stated that anyone who watched ABC that night had “seen absolutely nothing.”

The American Idol The host said that they had something to say about the show at one point. This was probably due to the alcohol. I don’t believe they would have said anything about our performers if they didn’t drink. You know, I think that our show is bigger and more diverse than the others. We will not drink before 1:05 in morning. I may send them Casa Dragones Tequila to tempt them while they are on the air.

Cohen made the following statement shortly after New Year’s Eve. Radio Andy He said that he regrets his negative comments about ABC because he loves Seacrest. Cohen repeated the sentiment at a recent Interview with The Hollywood Reporter: “It wasn’t a comment that had anything to do with him. It was about Journey. I was really trying to get after the current iteration Journey. Because I am a huge Steve Perry fan.”

Variety reported Last month, Chris Licht, who was appointed chairman and CEO of CNN in February, informed his staff about the channel’s revised approach for New Year’s Eve programming. Cohen and Cooper will reportedly still be allowed to drink alcohol while on their show, but not other anchors or correspondents.

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