Soft Skills to Put on Your Resume

Soft Skills to Put on Your Resume

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There are some essential first steps you should take when searching for a job. Namely, write or spruce up your resume, search for open positions on online job boards like ZipRecruiter, and prepare yourself for potential interviews. You must make sure that your resume highlights your best skills before you are offered an interview.


Your resume should include examples of your hard and soft skills. Hard skills are usually technical and quantifiable skills, while soft skills can be a combination social and interpersonal skills that are part of a person’s personality and acquired through experience.

Both hard and soft skills are valuable and something that recruiters look for when reviewing job applications. Employers will appreciate the inclusion of examples of soft skills in your resume. This gives them more context about your professional background and allows them to get a better idea of your personality.

To personalize your application, refer to the job description and match your resume with the listed skills. To provide context, be prepared to discuss these skills during your interview. These are some highly-demanded soft skills that you should include on your resume.

Time management: Time management is a skill worth developing with tight deadlines and quick turnarounds being so common in the business world. If you are listing time management on your resume, please briefly describe a situation in which you had to prioritize tasks in order to meet a deadline. This will show recruiters how you can maximize efficiency and manage multiple tasks simultaneously.

Communication skills: Communication skills are the ability to share ideas or feelings and understand what is being communicated to you. Communication skills can include active listening, constructive feedback and negotiation.

Adaptability: Fast-paced working environments call for highly adaptable people. Being adaptable is a sign that you are creative and strategic thinker. It also means that you can anticipate the unexpected. Employers see your ability to navigate uncertainty as a positive. This experience can be communicated on your resume to help you land a job.

Leadership: Hiring managers place leadership skills at the top of their list–fortunately, leadership experience can come from anywhere. Even if you have never managed a team or had direct reports, your resume can still show leadership skills. Consider situations where you have delegated tasks, managed a project, or created a new process for your company.

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1 Based on job seeker app ratings, Jan 2021 to Jan 2022 from AppFollow for ZipRecruiter, CareerBuilder, Glassdoor, Indeed, LinkedIn, and Monster

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