The best gifts to speak to podcast lovers’ souls

The best gifts to speak to podcast lovers’ souls

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Published Dec 14, 2022 5:15 PM

There are two types of audiophiles in the world: the music-obsessed, who love all genres and have a lot of gear lust; and the podcast-devouring, who want to learn and create audio stories and live vicariously, but also enjoy the joy of experiencing life vivaciously. It’s easy to shop for the first. The road to audiophileville is filled with specifications and many detours through high resolution formats and frequency ranges. However, it’s not as easy as gifting for the second. Podcasts don’t require the same obsession with driver types or source devices to sound their best. What can you gift someone who loves airwaves but cannot hold a device? You can’t give them Ira Glass, but there are tangible gifts you can give them. We have compiled the best gifts for podcast listeners that will bring them audio pleasure and let them know you care about what they listen too. (While you’re at this, we suggest telling your friend who prefers podcasts to listen to to you to tune in. The Most Amazing Thing I Learned This Week And Ask us AnythingPopSciProduced by the author.

Best earbuds Buderflys Curiosity Wireless Earbuds

Even though someone claims they cannot get enough podcasts, it doesn’t mean that they will be able to listen to them indefinitely if they are experiencing discomfort. If you’ve ever tried a pair ill-fitting headphones, you’ll know that they can cause discomfort. And when someone is absorbed in a podcast episode, it’s not uncommon for them to want to stop and take a break. Buderflys address the problem head-on, or is it the ear canals? They use proprietary tech to ensure that you have the most comfortable experience and minimize distractions for every session. Instead of irritating silicone tips, body heat reactive form-flexing material is used to fit the user’s ear geometry. This means that the Bluetooth receiver can provide a total of 9.5 hours of active battery. The number of hours increases to 33 hours when the receiver is idle, or to infinite if the T2 Linum cable is used instead of wireless. The Buderflys have balanced armature drivers that were originally designed for hearing aids. They produce high-quality audio that is tailored to the spoken word, and every nuanced inflection. This is a major upgrade for someone still wearing $15 from the drugstore. This technology makes them equally well-suited for listening to long work webinars, virtual meetings and the like.

Best: Bose QuietComfort 35 II

Outside noises, chatter in the office, and construction sounds can all pull you away from the world that a podcast immerses. Bose headphones have three levels noise cancellation so you can adjust how much of the world you want to hear. These headphones are Amazon Alexa-enabled so you can search for post-podcast tidbits via voice command. Bose Connect allows you to share audio so that friends can catch the latest episode. They are IPX4-rated so they won’t get damaged if you listen outside in a rainstorm. The Bose QuietComfort 35 II II is the perfect option if you want to improve your friend’s listening skills.

Best speaker: JBL Charge 5

Podcasts are often used to listen while people do chores, cook, or commute. Sometimes, you will have to take your earbuds out in order to hear the sweet sounds of onions caramelizing in a saucepan. The JBL speaker is lightweight and packs a powerful punch thanks to its tweeter, long-excursion driver and bass radiators. The built-in power bank allows you to charge your phone, making it ideal for recharging after completing the entire “The Greatest Showman” marathon.Missing Richards SimmonsThe speaker’s 20-hour battery life means that you won’t have to recharge it after hearing about the fate of the fitness guru. It has an IP67 rating, so you can listen to podcasts right next to the pool. It’s one reason we gave it an a Review glowing.

The best smart speaker: Amazon Echo Dot

Sometimes you just want to know what’s happening with the weather and the truth behind Bragg’s apple cider vinegar. Maintenance Phase. When the information gets too juicy, use your voice to increase the volume. Ask Alexa for some Nutritional yeastYou can then stream Katy Perry’s 2010 landmark album via Bragg’s investor Teenage Dream.

The best heated blanket: Westinghouse Electric Blanket

It can get cold if you are staring up at a ceiling or listening to your favorite podcast. This heated blanket can keep you warm and cozy with six heating levels and a 2-10 hour time setting. Overheat protection prevents fire, and the blanket is also fire-retardant–which is especially good if the person you’re gifting to already listens to enough crazy heated blanket-related true crime stories.

The best crossover book: Night Vale: A Novel

Let’s say you are gifting to a listener of “Welcome to Night Vale”. This spin-off novel will be a great gift for a fan of the podcast. It follows Jackie’s quest to find the mysterious man in her tan jacket, and Diane’s quest to reconnect with her shapeshifter boy. It’s also available in audiobook if you prefer to keep all your media together or in print if your eyes aren’t getting enough attention.

The best book for true crime fans: I’ll be Gone in the Dark Michelle McNamara

HarperCollins Publishers


True crime listeners wish that they could solve a real-life crime. Michelle McNamara, true crime journalist, did exactly that before her sudden death in 2016. This novel, which chronicles her search, was published posthumously. Two months after the book’s publication, the crime was solved. It is also the basis for a six-part HBO documentary. It’s also available as an audiobook and as a physical media, just like our other book choices.

The best hands-free phone holder Gear Beast Cell Phone Lanyard

We all know the pain of having too many hands and then being forced to put our phones down as we go to another area. Then, at the end of an exciting episode, we find out the limitations of our Bluetooth headphones. This wearable cellphone holder uses silicone bands to attach your phone to a belt. You can also use the cardholder while on-the-go.

Best blanket to wear: THE COMFY Original

Podcasts are best enjoyed while you’re walking around your house picking up random items Past You forgot about. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your blanket cocoon if you can move around in it. The Comfy combines a microfiber/sherpa blanket and the convenience of a fleece hoodie to achieve this. It’s ideal for your podcast-loving friend, who is also an introvert.

Best onesie with pockets Just Love Printed Flannel Adult Suit

Podcasts are averse to hard pants. This unisex onesie is available in six sizes and five colors. It even has pockets, which makes it ideal for podcast lovers who lose their phone or earbuds.

Best treadmill: Goplus 2-in-1 Folding Treadmill

Listening to podcasts while you walk is a great way to unwind. Podcast listeners are left without the ability to get out and walk in cold weather. This treadmill can be used as an exercise mat. The treadmill also comes with a remote control that allows for hands-free operation. This treadmill is a great gift for someone who wants to do two things: exercise and media consumption.

Best mug warmer: Mr. Coffee Mug Heater

It is a curse to make a cup of tea warm and then have it go cold fast. The mug warmer heats up your tea in just two minutes. An indicator light will let you know when it’s ready to be sipped. The long power cord ensures that the person you are gifting this mug warming device to will not need to reach for an outlet.

The best smart mug: Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

An entire smart mug is a great gift for someone who doesn’t want to use a mug warmer. You can keep your drink hot for 1.5 hours with a full charge. This podcast episode is also compatible. It can also be kept hot. all day Place it on the designated charging coaster. If you’re looking for a techie who loves podcasts, the app connection and smart movements will be a big plus. For example, it will wake up when it recognizes liquid or movement.

The best how-to book Podcasting for Dummies

Obsessed by podcast-obsessed capers Only Murders in the Building? This guide will show you how to make a podcast. This guide will help you to develop your idea, find an audience and record, edit, market, monetize, and market your creation. This guide will help you make the sausage.

Best interface Focusrite Vocaster Two

This interface is designed for podcasting and features labels and controls that guests and hosts can use. You can also record easily with the Auto Gain button and live audio recording capabilities.

Best microphone: Logitech Blue Sona Active dynamic XLR Broadcast Microphone

A podcast is incomplete without a good microphone. Great mic. The phantom-powered XLR microphone from Logitech for Creators can capture rich, broadcast-quality vocals. It features a hyper-focused supercardioid pick pattern, dual-diaphragm chamber, and an internal shockmount. This mic is equipped with 25dB ClearAmp tech, a 40Hz-18kHz frequency range (with presence boost toggles and high-pass filter), and a 290-degree pivot mount. These features allow you to explore every angle from every angle.

Best boom arm: Donner Boom Arm

Donner’s boom arm features a desk clamp that makes it easy to set up, and a metal arm that will last many years. Friends shouldn’t allow their friends to use shaky, unreliable hands to hold a microphone.

The best acoustic panels 52-Pack Acoustic Panels

Podcast quality can be affected by outside noises and stray reflections. These 52-packs of foam acoustic panels are a great way to turn your friend’s spare room into a recording studio. They measure one-foot square. This should be enough to transform their space to stream their podcast or streaming dream. (If you decide to go this route, see Our primer on soundproofing a spaceAlthough there is no podcast version, it will be available soon.

Best for street interviews: Blast Mic

The Blast Mic is essential for anyone who hits the streets. It’s wireless, portable, and easy-to-use It can be paired with your phone’s Bluetooth and set up a BlastRadio account. Once connected to Wi-Fi (either a local network or the hotspot of your phone), you can press a button to stream live. Blast Radio–no interface necessary. Two electret microphones with adjustable gain and DSP onboard ensure the highest sound quality. An 8-hour internal battery allows you to capture all reactions and actions. If you are working with multiple sources or participants, there are 3.5mm inputs as well as headphone outputs.

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