The coolest new gadgets and tech from CES 2023 Day 2

The coolest new gadgets and tech from CES 2023 Day 2

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We were able to enjoy the CES 2023 press-day activities There are many new and impressive gadgets available Jan. 4 is a sight to behold. Now the show is officially on and the flood of technological gizmos is at its peak. We have seen some distinct trends emerge among the hordes upon hordess of new products. Skinny TVs have been in fashion for years. This year, high-resolution monitors are gaining a lot of attention. We are still seeing almost every gadget get “smart”, even Masonite’s. $6,500 smart door This includes Ring cameras built in.

We will spend the rest of this week scouring the CES announcements looking for the most interesting (and bizarrest) products. But for now, here’s a list of the best stuff we found. Remember that some products announced at CES may not be available for a while. Some of these products may never be released. It’s okay to be excited about new gadgets. But don’t let the promise and failure of a promising product break your heart.

Lenovo Yoga Book 9i

The coolest gadgets and tech at CES 2023 Day 2
The dual-screen design of Lenovo’s Yoga Book 9i laptop is a creative rethinking. Lenovo

The Yoga Book 9i is a new generation of the Yoga Book laptop line from Lenovo. It’s all about flexibility. The notebook Two 13.3-inch 2.8K touchscreen screens that fold out like a book. The screens are distinct and can be used independently of foldable phones. Using the 9i is like carrying an external display on your computer all the time. The computer can detect whether the screen is being used in landscape or portrait mode and adjust its interface accordingly. The laptop ships with a folio stand and a stylus and keyboard that can be detached. The Yoga Book i9’s dual screens are enhanced by an Intel Iris X processor and 16GB of RAM. There’s also a 512GB SSD and a variety of USB-A, USBC and Thunderbolt 4 ports. There have been many laptops announced at CES 2023. But this one is our favorite.

OWC Thunderbolt Go Dock

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Other World Connectivity

OWC has been creating multi-port hubs over the years. The $399 Thunderbolt Go Dock, however, will be the first to have a built in power supply when it launches in April. This dock’s specifications make it impressive for its portability (hence the nickname Go). OWC Thunderbolt Go Doc has two Thunderbolt 4 ports and one HDMI port. It also features a Gigabit Ethernet jack. Three USB-A ports, three USB-C ports, a headphone jack and a MicroSD Card reader. The dock will be useful to anyone who divides their time between two computers, or who travels with many tech accessories. The Go Dock is one those practical CES announcements that makes us “finally” go, especially since OWC’s announcement includes a price and a release date.

Ring Car Cam

Ring Car Cam
The well-known home security firm is keeping an eye on you. Ring

Ring has already dominated the at-home security market, so Ring’s move into the world of dashcams makes sense. Preorder the Car Cam for $199.99 and it will ship February 15. Car Cams ordered after January 31 will be $249.99 The camera The Cam records video at 1080p and begins recording when the motion sensor is activated. It also comes with both front and rear-facing lenses. Ring Protect Pro ($6 per month, $60 per year) allows you to activate the Car Cam’s 5G antenna from anywhere. Ring’s Car Cam’s cleverest feature is that it uses your car’s OBD-II port instead of your cigarette lighter. Ring recommends that the Car Cam be used only with vehicles whose OBD-II port is on the left side. This ensures safety and allows you to check the make and year of your car for compatibility. Ring’s home security system already includes the Car Cam, so it’s worth looking into. However, you will need to act quickly to get the early bird price.

Rachio Smart Hose Timer

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Rachio’s Smart Hose Timer allows you to have an underground sprinkler system with no digging.

The Rachio Smart Hose Timer can be used an elegant solution A common problem faced by many homeowners is watering their lawns and gardens. The Smart Hose Timer attaches directly to your spigot or hose and turns on and off the water at predetermined times. The Smart Hose Timer will keep track of how much water you use, and you can manage it remotely via an app. You can tell the Smart Hose Timer to not activate if it rains. Rachio’s Smart Hose Timer is a great addition to smart homes that have a lawn. It is expensive and time-consuming to set up an underground irrigation system.

BMW i Vision Dee

A stage with a white Dee BMW electric car concept car
This car bridges the gap between vehicle/accompanist. BMW

BMW says that cars are man’s new best friend. To showcase the i Vision Dee concept vehicle, Herbie and KITT joined the company. A hypothetical mid-sized sedan with all the features It wants to be your faithful companion. Digital Emotional Experience is short for Dee. It includes software and hardware that goes beyond voice control and driver assistance. The BMW Head-Up Display turns the windscreen into a screen that displays information. The iX Flow with E Ink, which the company revealed at last year’s CES, now has full-color capabilities and 32 colors to choose. The Heads-Up Display will be integrated into BMW’s NEUEKLASSE EV line starting in 2025, although it is not clear when.

Roborock introduces new vacuums

A white Roborock vacuum is mounted on the wall
Roborock S8 Pro Ultra features a liftable brush to prevent cross-contamination Roborock

Roborock announces Its latest line of vacuums, robovacsDyad Pro–the company’s new wet-dry cordless vacuum that allows you to vacuum and mop simultaneously The vacuum’s rollers are self-cleaning and dry when it is docked. This eliminates any unpleasant odors. It has 17,000Pa suction, which means it has a lot of suction power. It will be available for $449 at the Roborock store and Amazon later this month.

The company also revealed its S8 series of robot vacuums. The S8 can pick up dirt, dust and crumbs at 6,000Pa. A dual rubber roll brush makes it easier to manage hair tangles. The S8 Pro Ultra, a combination vacuum-mop robot, includes a liftable brush that prevents cross contamination and damage to the robot. The mop automatically lifts carpets. The S8 lineup will go on sale in April. However, you can still purchase the S7 models on Amazon.The S7 is currently $200 off.

Panasonic nanoe X Portable Air Purifier

A white background with a black Panasonic air purifier
This air purifier reduces odors and helps to prevent viruses, bacteria, and allergens from being airborne or on surfaces. Panasonic

Panasonic has unveiled a portable purifier that can be carried in your car cupholder to improve your safety while traveling. The nanoe X Portable Purifier is ideal for riders on rideshare or public transit. It uses hydroxyl radicals (hydroxyl radicals) to reduce odors. It can Clean car cabins in less than two hours At a barely detectable 36 decibels It is not HEPA-certified but it is CARB-compliant. This reduces the germy impact of the kid who just opened-mouth coughed six feet away on the subway.

Withings U-Scan

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You may have seen one of these toilets if you have ever stepped into your bathroom after a hard workout. Signs of dehydration: dark urine. Pee, which contains 3,000 different metabolites, can tell us a lot about our reproductive and metabolic health. Withings, a brand known for its smart scales has made it as simple as going to the toilet to check your ovulation cycle and ketones.

Users can now use the company’s U-Scan devices Attach a cartridge to their toilet. It filters urine from other liquids. The devices contain test pods that allow for quick chemical analysis. The associated app will display the results. StreamID allows you to separate urine testing for different people. The best part is that the system automatically empties and you don’t have to worry about test strips or mailing.

U-Scan Nutri Balance is a model that breaks down nutrition and hydration. The U-Scan Cycle Sync tracks women’s monthly cycles. The device can identify a woman’s ovulation window and make recommendations for diet and exercise modifications. It can even provide recipes. U-Scans were awarded the CES Innovation Award in Smart Home, Fitness & Sports and Digital Health. They are currently only available in Europe. Before you can obtain them in the United States, they will need FDA approval.

Asus ROG Raikiri Pro gaming controller

The coolest gadgets and tech at CES 2023 Day 2

Maybe it’s because my Xbox Elite 2 controller started rattling when i shake it. It’s possible, Asus Just dropped One of the most unique gaming controllers I’ve ever seen. ROG Raiki Pro can be used on current-generation Xbox consoles, computers, and mobile devices. It can be connected via Bluetooth, USB C, or traditional wireless 2.4GHz.

It has four buttons that can be programmed, just like other high-end controllers. It also features an ESS digital-toanalog converter (DAC), which allows for high-fi audio through the built in headphone jack.

The controller’s performance elements are great, but the real attraction is the customizable OLED display that’s built into the top. Although it doesn’t seem very practical, it is certainly cool.

Unistellar eQuinox 2 smart telescope

Unistellar eQuinox 2

Stargazing is affected by light pollution. Even the most powerful traditional telescopes can’t penetrate the darkening glow of populated areas or artificial illumination. The smart telescope uses a digital sensor and computational imaging (similar to what you’ll find on your smartphone) to provide clear, detailed images of more than 5,000 space objects. It’s easy to set up. Once the telescope is assembled and connected to the app it can usually locate its position in less than two minutes. The app will allow you to choose the area of the sky that you wish to gaze at. It also comes with High prices Tag ($2,499). It’s a great option if you live in a city or want to have the best astronomy experience possible.

Nakamichi DRAGON 11.4.6 Wireless Surround Sound System

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Nakamichi, a Japanese consumer electronics brand, already produces The Shockwafe Ultra 9.2.4 EARC SSE MaxThe most popular setup on our list is. Wireless surround sound systems list. What do you do if you have a $1,999 soundbar surround speaker subwoofer bundle that is already hugely overpowered for many rooms and it’s highly successful? Double down and produce A new flagship That’s even more expensive and expansive than it looks! The 11.4.6 configuration of the Nakamichi Dragon pumps 21 channels of audio through 31 drivers. It was unveiled at CES 2023. The Nakamichi Dragon supports Dolby Vision/Vision and is the first soundbar to use the less-common DTSX Pro spatial-audio protocols. Its unique architecture delivers positional precision for home cinema through components such as 6 upfiring height channel (with units angled at either 10 or 20 degrees), 7 Air Motion Transformers Tweeters, and dual dual dual subwoofers. The 58-inch soundbar and subwoofers are powered by 15 amplifiers (2000W total power), which are divided between two 9-pound Omni-Motion Reference Surrounds. This creates an immersive soundstage with adaptive overhead effects. Qualcomm aptX HD Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.0 allows you to stream music from your smartphone, tablet, or other device. The Dragon will be available for purchase at $3,499.

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